Thursday, June 18, 2015

The False of Everyday, The True that was Forever: The Lesson learned from my time of Fasting and Prayer

What is false?
What is true?
What have we before us everyday?
What has
forever been there?

The false gods we serve in our day-to-day are more apparent to me than ever before. We all serve someone or something. The question is what and whom are we serving and where does it lead? Our stomachs call out to us with a growl and we respond to the call and eat. Our minds say we are bored and we respond to the call and turn the tv on or find an activity to do. Our sex organs call out to us and we respond to the call and find someone to sleep with. That latest designer shirt, shoes, watch or handbag calls out to and we spend, charge and if need be, go into great debt for them even to the degree of stealing it as our daily news feeds tell us. I know them all too well! I may not have robbed a jewelry store but I have stolen things, but let us not knit pick, as our impulses and giving into their every whim leads us to do all sorts of things and whether they are deemed illegal or breaking the law, they are harmful nonetheless and can lead to our certain demise in this age and the next! 

That drug calls out to us as we itch. That liquor bottle calls out to us as we fret or seek false courage. That cigarette calls out to us as we shake from Nicotine withdrawal. They’re many false gods that call out to us and when we serve them, we worship them, and when we have done those two, our response to them is always, “here I am.” All is idolatrous and idolatry is sin. Yet serving and worshiping the One True God never results in idolatry nor sin. But suppose you reason within yourself and say, ‘maybe serving the One True God is idolatry.’ Let this be the truth that sets you free. Idolatry by definition is worshiping something or someone that is false and leads to death. Serving and worshiping through your service of the One True God, if idolatry by definition is false, could never result in you serving what is false when it is the One True God you serve and worship. Moreover, the One True God, by definition is not man-made but is Existent within Himself needing nothing, lacking nothing, and any man who serves Him serves that which is Truth. 

For what is erected by the hands of men is false, is coming to an end and those who delight in it, are coming to an end as well. So what is the sum of it all and “let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God [The One True God] and keep His commandments [serve Him and Worship Him], For this is man’s all [that which leads to eternal life]. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, Whether good or evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 NKJV emphasis added).

O Lord, even now, I am lead to pray for myself and also for those who shall heed your Word and turn towards you. The ones you draw unto yourself in your grace and mercy and by your love. You are the One True God. This is a certainty, yet we as mere mortals, men of sin, dust of the earth fail to grasp the magnitude of your truth. Help us O Lord to know your Truth. For your Word is truth. Protect us from the evil one, so that we may have that time to know you in our weakness. Give us your Spirit so what is eternal is now personally, intimately and powerfully at work within us. Give us a new heart O Lord, so that we may know of your love and abide in your love. Open our eyes so that we may see the truth from the false. Open our ears so that we may distinguish what is truth from what is false. Help us to know the difference and when we have been established by your truth, help us to walk in it daily, so that we too, may partake in your heavenly work—The saving of souls in knowing the Truth who is the Eternal and One True God and Jesus Christ His Son. Amen.

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