Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Present Help

A present help. Just as it reads is what it means. To be their when help is needed. To be there when it is not convenient for us. To be there when it is convenient for us. To be there completely. To be there entirely. To be there emotionally. To be there to rejoice with others when they rejoice. To be there to mourn with others when they mourn. To be there in a capacity as Jesus will. To be there and not elsewhere. To be there and not distracted. To be there in the power of Christ. To be there as in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, there would be no other place we would want to be. With that being said, I now invite you Into My HEART...
Jesus said, “As my Father is always working, and so am I.” We as His followers must strive with the Spirit to be ever so mindful of the opportunities that surround us to be a present help to those who are in need—in short, we need to be working just as Jesus and the Father is. It’s our divine heritage in Christ, as the children of God.
When Jesus said ‘my Father is always working’ He spoke of God in Spirit who isn’t limited and when He said ‘and so am I,’ He spoke of the divine at work within the flesh that was obedient and willing as Jesus was not in Spirit form but incarnate.
This is quite the revelation and good news! We, the people of God, when we abide [remain consistently connected to Christ] are enabled by the Spirit of God in our flesh to do those ‘good works.’ Halleluyah!
Beloved, I confess, that my flesh doesn’t always look or want to do that good work, but praise be to God, that in Christ, we can be the victors overcoming our sinful nature to partake in the things of God as opposed to the limited things of this world that are passing away.
I pray now as I type these words, Oh Lord, that as you are the Good Shepherd always protective, always providing, always mindful of what is yours, you will continue to build us up into those proper helpers and not those hired hands. For a hired hand as you say, does not care for what belongs to you, but a shepherd just as you are does. Help me; help us, in our present state not to merely work for you as we do for others in this world, but work as you!—always faithful, always committed, always unconditional and always sacrificial. Amen.

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