Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Position Well Known (Mother): Hannah A Woman on a Mission


The below was inspired by God’s Word recorded in 1 Samuel 1 and 2 (click on me). What would you do if you were a woman who could not conceive a child and the ridicule and shame of it all was too much for you to bear? A woman named Hannah has just the right advice for you. Follow in her wonderful footsteps and see the Lord do in your life as He did in hers. With that being said, I now invite you Into My HEART...

 “There’s no better thing for a woman than to produce life and have children. However, there’s no greater thing for a mother to do than to dedicate her child to the Lord.” — F. Lugo

Beloved, if you are a woman desiring children so greatly and haven’t bore any children and the anguish of it all is so great you find yourself crying out to God to ‘please give me a child or I’ll die,’ you may very well be in a position to receive the blessing you have long awaited.
Has someone who has had children made fun of you, taunted you, ridiculed you, belittled you or turned their back on you as if you were any less of worth because you could not get pregnant and produce a child for your husband? Do not worry, explain your case before God in truth, go to Him in prayer, cry out to Him to bless you with children. Let not your heart be troubled but put your trust in the Lord.
Has someone mistaken you not having children; being barren as a sure sign God has forgotten you or forsaken you? Have you started to think this and believe this yourself? God knows your pain. The Lord is close to brokenhearted. Do not allow the affliction of bearing no children have no bearing on your hope in the Lord. He is good and faithful and He has heard the cries of many who had been without child and felt shame from it. He can bless your womb. He can bless you to be with child and carry that child to its full term throughout the third and final trimester. Remain faithful in the Lord. Remain faithful to the Lord. Give your cares over to Him as He cares deeply for you and allow yourself the time needed to see what glorious thing the Lord can do.
Let not your heart be troubled or be dismayed. Do not allow stress to overtake you even though you may carry stress. Trust in the Lord. Lift those heartfelt heavy burdened prayers up to Him. Give thanks to Him through it and see that His peace will overcome you, that like Hannah, you too, will walk away in joy; the Lord’s joy as He will bless you and grant you your request.

Our heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ hear your prayers. The Holy Spirit overshadow you with the miracle of life. The God of Israel and to all who call on Him grant you your request to become a mother and have children. Be at peace! Amen.


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