Saturday, February 28, 2015

Man’s Ministry: Revelation from Genesis and A Conversation with James Oyola

In the beginning as well as in the Garden we see the whole of the human existence encapsulated so that no one can misconstrue who God is and what He had accomplished. Beloved, it is quite the amazing thing to be quick to listen and slow to speak. One could go so far to say, that in listening intently to those who speak, you can gain a wealth of knowledge, and moreover, listening to God speak, you will gain everything. With that being said, I now invite you Into My HEART...

God the Creator was preexistent before there was. He created all that we see and all that we could hope to see.
“Upon the Garden, God created man from the very substance He created the earth—that which is temporary and has an end.” Such words was quite the exciting revelation to me last night upon my return home as I reflected on my night, the conversation I was a part of and my company with James Oyola.
God placed the man in His garden to tend to it. Thus revealing man’s first ministry was to serve the Lord not his wife, as many including myself originally thought and have been taught. The man served God through tending to [watching over] His creation. God later created woman from man, that is, another temporary thing that certainly has its end. Afterwards, God placed the man and woman both and equally in His garden to tend to it as she was man’s helper as man tended to God’s garden.

Before man and woman consummated their union, they served God through His creation. Therefore, man’s first ministry is to serve God. His second ministry is to serve God alongside his helper. His third ministry is to consummate God’s created union with his mate the woman. His fourth ministry is to raise up children as the man and woman knew each other and produced life.
Throughout it all, God creates living things and tends to living things, and we, created in His image, are to do just that! Create and tend to that which bears life! Amen.

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