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Epic Quotes (2014) Part 1 of 7

Quotes, quotes and even more divinely inspired quotes. Thank you Jesus

First and foremost, this is all the Lord’s doing. All things good come from God above, and He is faithful and exceedingly generous in His kindness to share with me a sinful man, such wonderful things too great for me to know. Praise you Lord God for your exceeding kindness and great mercy to those who cry out to you in desperation to come to their aid and save them. You are good and I know it all too well! Blessed be your holy name forever and ever. Amen.
Oh Lord, may purpose that is found in you alone, be found actively at work in me and through me. Let your will be done always. For yours is the glory, the honor, the power and the praise forever. Amen.
Here are all the words I recorded down for the year of 2014 as I was divinely inspired by God to write, whether through reading, reflection, interactions with others, struggles of mine, triumphs God had given me, prayers of mine and observing life all around me. I have listed them as quotes in a 7-part series to close out the 2014 year and triumphantly lead us into 2015. May they inspire us all to seek God first, to faithfully love and follow the Lord Jesus and remind us of why we first rejoiced over our Savior and great God and King. With that said, I now invite you into my HEART...

Here’s the last 2013 quote to usher us into the 2014:
1. “The likes and dislikes of people change like the shifting of the tides. I’d prefer to have a common purpose in common with another, rather than a common hobby or favorite pastime.” —F. Lugo 12/31/13 11:42am
2. “With the proper training and equipment your task will be successful.”
—F. Lugo 1/1/14 8:22pm
Jesus told His disciples to go out and preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons, however, to take only a walking stick. 
What do we learn about Jesus in this? Sometimes less is more. How so? Less distractions and reliance on the things of this world, would increase the attraction and effectiveness that’s guaranteed in God’s kingdom and in the power of His Word. Amen.
3. “Before you respond with violence and seek vengeance, respond back with grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. These will strike a more powerful blow!” —F. Lugo 1/13/14 12:14pm (in re-reading this now 2/17/14 His Word [Proverbs 25:21-22; Romans 12:19-21] speaks to this. Praise the Lord for this confirmation that the Spirit speaks to me and through me. “Heaps of coal.”)
“If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; For so you will heap coals of fire on his head, [And the Lord will reward you.]” (Proverbs 25:21-22 NKJV emphasis added).
4. “Peace Summit: The highest calling there is, is to go against what comes to man naturally. Whether we will admit to it or not, violence, vengeance, retribution, payback, selfish gain, are all natural to us and acting upon such inclinations come naturally. One could say ‘just do the opposite.’ However, I have come to know and at times still must resist though I shamefully succumb to it, is that, in order to do what is unnatural, one cannot merely adopt such actions, but they must become anew; transformed, from the inside out, becoming that which is unnatural, and leans more towards the supernatural.” —F. Lugo 1/13/14 12:15pm (John 1:12-13; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; John 3:5-8; John 4:24; 2 Corinthians 3:17; Romans 8:9-10; 1 Corinthians12:3). 
5. “It’s not enough to desire breakthrough. Based upon God’s faithfulness in times past, you must believe God has given you everything you need to experience breakthrough and to achieve victory—this is faith at work!” —F. Lugo 1/15/14 1:17am
6. “It’s not enough to hope. Faith without action behind it is hope unfulfilled, however, faith with action consistently behind it, this is hope fulfilled, and a people in need will certainly desire that!” —F. Lugo 1/15/14 1:18am
7. “Jesus Christ is an acquired taste. Only the truly repentant and those who know they are desperately in need of Salvation prefer Him.” —F. Lugo 1/18/14 12:14am Epic!
8. “Just mentioning the name of Jesus into any conversation shines a powerful light into any dark moment.” —F. Lugo 1/19/14 7:11pm
9. “There’s a moment of impact that takes place in a persons life that forever changes their whole way of thinking and living. It’s the day they realize that Jesus Christ actually died for them, and the meaning of that death starts to unfold in every fiber of their being.” —F. Lugo 1/20/14 11:36am MONUMENTAL!
10. “Be willing to encourage someone not for a fee but for free.” —F. Lugo 1/21/14 10:22am
Oftentimes we associate the word fee with monetary compensation, however if we strip it down and expose it for what it truly is, it’s the “what will I receive in return for my services” mentality. 
11.“Familiarity is the pit of death for all relationships.” —F. Lugo 1/21/14 12:07pm 
Inspired by @lilyvgarcia (Lilibeth V. Garcia) when teaching on the subject of familiarity being a dangerous place to find ourselves in with God and people. I remember her saying, “do not become familiar” to a group of us young leaders @potentialchurch. Her words shook up the foundation I stood on and it was something that I experienced and still experience shaping my life! THANK YOU LILI. YOU ARE LOVED.
Familiarity isn’t the essence of knowing someone, it’s in the context of thinking you know them so much that you become comfortable with them and start to take them for granted. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this as well. If any of us find ourselves growing familiar with those we do life with and especially God Himself, we can look to God to help us. 
Familiarity: This line of thinking is trouble. It will keep you, myself and everyone else from experiencing people and Jesus in brand new and beautiful ways. It also, creates a great chasm between communication and connecting with others, because we end up adopting the all too familiar, “been there done that” mentality, and I can tell you from experience people and God most of all, will always surprise us—just when we think we know God, He reveals Himself in a whole new way! 
Once again, familiarity is like a dry place where ‘dead bones’ lie, but God is greater than dry bones and is absolutely able and willing to speak life once again into what has become dead, dry and dull. So, let us all be encouraged and receive the blessing here and take Lilibeth’s advice, and DO NOT BECOME FAMILIAR. As always...YOU ARE LOVED.
12. “Patience is a virtue I do not possess, but thanks be to God He is willing to instill it to all who ask.” — F. Lugo (1/22/14 7:14pm) Inspired by 2 Peter 3 (out of context verse 9)
“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2 Peter3:9 NIV)

A Glorious Conversation

13. “When we honor one another a beautiful thing takes place—love is reciprocated.” —F. Lugo 1/23/14 10:56 am (Inspired by Mishel Estrada speaking my love language when she wrote down on her very own dry erase board some quotes I was divinely inspired to write).
14. “Jesus is not like any other friend we may encounter over the course of our lives. His friendship is MONUMENTAL. His love for us isn’t a mere shared interest—It’s an Eternal investment into our lives, our futures, our Salvation and our personal relationship with God Himself!” —F. Lugo (1/23/14 11:25am) Inspired by a conversation between Mishel Estrada and myself concerning my love language “Words of Affirmation” and the monumental breakthrough Jesus Christ brought into our relationship). Here’s that conversation:
Me: “When we honor one another a beautiful thing takes place—love is reciprocated.”
This quote came out of you speaking #MyHeartLanguage when you wrote down those quotes on your dry erase board and my post of your words on Instagram. How excellent is that?!
Mishel: Im starting to learn and understand what you mean with your #lovelanguage
Me: Nice! This is one of those "Thank You Jesus!" moments. Like, she finally gets it. I finally expressed my need properly and she gets it! Hallelujah!
Mishel: You want to see how your words effect me. Correct?
Me: That's a part of it. I think to sum it up, I want to know in that manner how important I am to you. How much you value me is shown in this area big time because you take a sincere interest in what I am interested in.
Mishel: Im think of what you said one time about going out and making a line with you when you liked sneakers and wanted your ex to do it too and see the interest as you did.
Me: Yup! Exactly. Something so simple as standing next to me in a line valued me. But it goes deeper than that. It's sacrificing sleep to stand in a line not to get something for yourself, but to see me excited about something. The laughs, the conversation of sneakers that would go on. The watching me open the sneaker box for the first time. All of that would given value to me
Mishel: Gotcha!
Me: Like those times I gave a word to you and when pastor Troy taught on it later you were all excited about it but not when I shared it with you. In those moments I felt greatly devalued. 
Mishel: Im sorry you felt so devalued. I came across it as it wasnt valued and in my thinking it was wow troy confirmed what God is speaking through my Bebe
Mishel: Im am really sorry Cosa
Me: Bebe, I am excited. I believe MONUMENTAL breakthrough took place last weekend. It was a lot of soul searching and hurt even anger and sadness and shame that was felt, but love conquered it all! Praise The Lord Jesus forever! Amen.
Mishel: Learning and with your guidance i am appreciative. Yes, i believe it was. I was really seeking God for that. 
Me: Our love for each other will grow and grow and grow even more than ever before. As we grow more in tune with expressions of love towards each other like the beautiful flower that unfurls itself at the sight of sunlight, so will the fragrance of God’s love be experienced between the two of us and that will seal an intimacy between the two of us that many will desire and are desperately in need of and that will create many God-given opportunities to share Jesus with others who aren't loved and that is what it's all about! 
Mishel: Amen!!
Me: Jesus our EVERYTHING did that for us. Truly our BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER
Mishel: The word breakthrough means what to you Bebe? Picking your brain here
Me: Breakthrough: An opening to victory and greatness that only God could have opened
Mishel: Im thinking that word through. Wow! Holy Spirit brought me some strong revelation. Here it goes as i am typing
Mishel: To breakthrough something means there is a barrier that need to be done by an offensive person or team. This barrier means you can be stuck or you get it out of the way (push, crush etc.) In our case- a thought i could not pass through, actions that were not being made ( i was stuck). My team (you and Jesus) helped me just move forward and helped me along the way. In this breakthroughs you dont just prance and gently move it, no you use all you have. So i was going to get bruised, hurt, and some resistance. BUT JESUS would not let the gates of hell prevail!!! Man that is A GLORY HALLELUJAH MOMENT!!!
Mishel: I thank Jesus for your definition of the latter part of the process. As you shared in your definition of a breakthrough
Mishel: Amazing huh! Crossing the enemy lines of thoughts and actions because of lack of understanding
Me: Love it! Nice! Praise The Lord.
Mishel: Pieces of the puzzles are coming together
Me: Nice!
Mishel: I thank Jesus for knowing how my mind works and giving me those pieces as I work it out. Im willing to learn and with much humility. I dont have it all together but when I get it! I get it!
Me: That’s the work of our BEST FRIEND!
Mishel: In our Weakness He is strong
Me: Indeed
Breakthrough: “crossing the enemies line with Jesus along side you as He reminds us of the promises that await. The enemy will not prevail as we shout VICTORY is ours and Jesus has won!!” -M. Lugo (written down as she was speaking into the future. Hence her attaching my last name to be hers). 1/23/14 11:57

15. “A mans body is not his own. He is to submit it twofold—First to Jesus and secondly to his spouse. Both equally bring glory to God.” —F. Lugo (1/24/13 12:23 am. Ephesians 5:25-28 Inspires)
16. “If you’re desiring to become a husband you must become a Christ to your wife and a wife to the Christ. If this seems weird and unfamiliar to you, you aren’t prepared to walk in the power of the Husband!”— F. Lugo (1/24/13 12:38am)
17. “Men, if you’re looking to marry a woman who belongs to a large family and having children is very near and dear to her heart, I suggest you get intimately acquainted with families and children. Read books, surround yourselves; expose yourselves to these atmospheres. Know this! God is not a mysterious God as many say—He’s orderly and intentional in all His works.” — F. Lugo  (1/26/14 3:43pm)

18. “Saying thank you and forgive me come from the same place—Humility.” F. Lugo (1/27/14 2:49am)
19. “Breakthrough as far as mans’ history is concerned, originated from forgiveness.” — F. Lugo (1/27/14 2:50am)
20. “Nothing good ever came from, ‘give me!’ Now everything that is very good, came from, ‘I give freely.’ This is the essence of “be fruitful and multiply.”” (1/27/14 2:51am)
21. “They say you cannot embrace the future without knowing the past. This is true. But if your past isn’t so good what future will you look forward to? This can be a great mystery, but in order to embrace a bright future, we must look past our past where Jesus is. You will find Him standing at the Cross—There you can embrace Him.” F. Lugo (1/27/14 2:52am)
22. “God’s Word is never changing, but always relevant for yesterday, today and forever.” —F. Lugo 1/27/14 3:30am (this speaks to me now (8/19/14. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8)
23. “Man may consider God a mystery, however, He most certainly is not a mystery. He gloriously reveals Himself to those who will seek Him out!” —F. Lugo 1/27/14 3:35am (Jeremiah 29:13 inspires!)
24. “Deep in my sin, You drew near to me (July 3, 2009). Though I fall short, You never fail me (1/29/2014). Thank You Lord!” —F. Lugo (1/30/14 1:05am). Inspired by those two dates. The first is when Jesus Himself became a tangible reality to me through receiving the Holy Spirit and the other, the moment I was healed of diabetes in the blink of an eye once I cried out to God and shamefully confessed that I loved food more than Him. Through confession, conviction and revelation, God made this known to me and from night to day, everything changed. Praise the Lord!
25. “Indeed the physical appearance of a woman ought to be attractive to a man and it matters to me, however, if there’s no Eternal life at work in her and being made known through her, the attention she would command is fleeting, like dust going up against a strong wind.” —F. Lugo (1/30/14 11:37am)

Jesus gives all those who believe in Him and His Word Eternal life
(John 5:24; John 3:16-17)
26. “Never stop sharing your faith in Jesus. As every opportunity you are given and you seize are seeds being planted. You never know when that harvest is going to come in.” —F. Lugo (1/31/14 3:24am) *Inspired by the movie “In the blink of an eye” and (1 Peter 3:15)

27. “Historically, more people have believed and confessed that Jesus is real; that He is God in flesh; that He is the Savior of the world and in Him forgiveness of sin is afforded to us, than people who have believed in ghosts and aliens, however, there’s a great ignorance sweeping human beings, when people say “‘scientifically’ I believe in ghosts and aliens over Jesus being God.”” —F. Lugo (1/31/14 11:27am)
John 1:18 & John 3:16-17 Inspires
28. “In receiving God’s Word we can confidently know we have received forgiveness of our sin.” —F. Lugo 
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). Forgiveness Himself became personally and intimately and tangibly available to every single person. Now in Forgiveness being readily available, we can know this: If we all experience God’s Word we can know we are forgiven if we receive God’s Word. Amen.
“What is holy cannot be made filthy again.” — The Holy Spirit
“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, [that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.”] (Ephesians 5:25-27)
Beloved I rejoice! As the Word of God was speaking through me, convicting me, strengthening me and empowering me for many things to come, the quote above and the verses in scripture were revealed as mirror-image. How I pray, we will all come to the knowledge that the blessed name of Jesus is not to be used as a byword, but solely to be confessed to God’s glory, honor and praise and to be used with authority and power to bless the lives of others, and that in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to live as holy (set apart for God’s glory and praise and not the worlds) people, who have been cleansed by the ‘washing of the Word’ in which is Christ, to never become filthy (unholy) again but a testimony of His great love and a witness to this world of His glorious Word. Amen! (2/4/14 1:05pm)
29. “Quality time isn’t merely being next to a person. It’s being aware of that person and letting them know it. Including another, into your space, into your thoughts and into your life creates intimacy.” —F. Lugo (2/4/144:19pm Inspired by day 11 of The Purpose Driven life pg. 90 first paragraph).  (2/4/14 4:20pm) Added on 6/5/14:

Good Morning and God’s grace and peace be with you today as you look to and call on the name of Jesus. Amen. 
Quality Time. When I was first inspired to write this it was concerning human-to-human relationships. However, this came to me as I woke up at 5:14am, I see now in order for the above relationship to work out, we must first start with our relationship with the One who Created us— this is Jesus.
I give thanks to God through Jesus Christ the Lord, that I am up and have a burning desire to read. What am I reading this morning? “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi. I want to know Jesus my Lord; My Creator, my Savior and Redeemer more and more. Truth be told, I want to be the greatest defender, proclaimer and witness of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. I believe God has empowered me to do so, and by His grace and Spirit, it will be so. Amen. 
Beloved, invest your personal time wisely. Get to know Jesus more and let not the question and concern of “I don’t know why God doesn’t hear me or answer me?” be something that ever again comes to mind and is uttered from your mouth. JESUS is knowable, but anything or anyone who is knowable it takes time in which is an investment— You must choose to get to know Him. 
30. “As the worn out saying goes, “Practice what you preach,” but I say, “Preach only what you have consistently been practicing.” This and this alone is praiseworthy in a mans life.” —F. Lugo (2/5/15 1:39) Inspired by the glorious life of the Son of God. Jesus Christ our Lord. 

“There must be no flaw to be perfect.
There must be a definitive no to be proven wrong.
There must be a definitive yes to be proven right.
Without such, Truth cannot and will not exist!” —The Holy Spirit (2/5/14 2:01am)
Inspired by the naysayers trying to disprove Jesus as the very Risen Son of God being holy, perfect and without sin. However, never coming up with a definitive no against His claims in the midst of all the surmounting and incalculable answers of a definitive yes from the millions and millions of converted born again Christians that say Jesus Christ is both Lord and God who died and rose on the third day in great power and glory as the Risen King who is the One and only begotten Son of God. Amen!

“To be empty is to have no direction. To be filled is to be given direction.” — The Holy Spirit (2/5/14 1:49pm. Inspired by a vision I had answering a question a pastor asked me, “Flavio, what is your secret for winning so many people over to Christ?” There’s no secret. All that is good, all that is power, all that is a pure and holy example comes from God and God alone!
31. “The perpetual presence of Jesus in a marriage, perpetually blesses the marriage. Remember that.” —F. Lugo 2/7/14 12:36am (Inspired by the life of Jesus and the Eternal presence of God Himself!)

Joy for the Gospel
32. “When Glory stepped down from His throne in heaven and stepped upon earth taking those necessary steps all the way to the Cross—God established for all time what love in HOT PURSUIT would look like. Praise Jesus forever!” —F. Lugo 2/7/14 10:21am (Inspired by Jesus Culture’s Pursuit and meditating in such glorious words). 
33. “An insecure man raises his voice at others. An insecure man raises his hands at others. An insecure man seeks to steal, kill and destroy the image of others along with himself!” —F. Lugo 2/7/14 6:28pm (Inspired by the most shameful event in my life. I pushed my then wife Janet because of my insecurities in being a failure of a husband and she fell against the wall and bruised the side of her back). 
34. “Let us not fall into the pit of coming to Church all our lives and like the man having stood next to Jesus his whole life, not once look towards Him.” —F. Lugo 2/8/14 12:57am
35. “Greatness is standing right next to you. When will you give Him your undivided attention?” —F. Lugo 2/8/14 12:58am
36. “The answer to your solution is knocking at your door. Will this be the time you answer?” —F. Lugo 2/8/14 12:59am
37. “Submission and subversiveness are two different things. Submission is a relational willingness to serve others, whereas, subversiveness is forced labor without love— one creates intimacy and the other creates friction and resistance that leads to defiance!” –F. Lugo 2/9/14 1:18am (Inspired by my failure as a husband. The Lord will use all things. What is made in mans image comes to destruction. What is created in God’s image reveals Eternal life!)
38. “What is made in mans image comes to destruction. What is created in God’s image reveals Eternal life!” —F. Lugo 2/9/14 2:00am 
39. “From before the foundations of the earth were made, and before the existence of human beings and to the end of this age, there has been rebellion and confusion to Whom we are to obey and follow. How I pray the earnest desire we have within the depths of our souls to know and seek out the truth will win us all over when we hear the Truth. Amen” —F. Lugo 2/9/14 9:28pm
40. “Like a best friend, let us ask Jesus what He thinks we should do. Friends give advice, whether good or bad. Friends are there at times to help us out of jams and to prepare for something. Jesus gives perfect advice and is always available to help us every time!” —F. Lugo 2/10/14 1:24am
I’ll start...
Jesus, what should I do where I am at in my life?
Jesus, help me to know what to do! Jesus, help me with those areas I struggle with.
Jesus, help me with those things I should be doing but I don’t do. 
Jesus, help me learn to love you more. 
Jesus, help me to trust you more. 
Jesus, help me to speak to others about you more. 
Jesus, thank you for all that you do for me, whether I am aware of it or not. 
Jesus, will this decision, this relationship, this career, this path I’m on take me further away from you or bring me closer to you?
Now you... Jesus _____________.
41. “Men! We are all equally, in marriage and parenting placed into the position of God— Husband, Father and Creator. The question is, will we see it as the greatest honor and privilege to love, to reside over, provide, protect and bring life into this world or dismiss and reject knowing the unparalleled glory of God’s presence perpetually at work in and through us?” —F. Lugo 2/11/14 3:27pm (Inspired by looking at a baby stroller in Walmart and thinking how amazing it would be if God put me in the position of such honor and privilege as a husband and a father).
The Cross
42. “At the Cross we discover everything about ourselves. At the Cross our revelation begins. At the Cross we see Jesus emptying Himself completely so we can be filled.” —F. Lugo 2/11/14 4:53pm (Inspired by the scene at the Cross of the Beloved). 
43. “Boldness is not arrogance just as humility is not weakness. Both are a product of gratitude.” —F. Lugo 2/12/14 3:05am (Inspired by the words of Jesus (Matthew 19:16-22,30) and Paul (Hebrews 4:11-16)). 
Soul Winning
44. “In every writing; in every preaching; in every teaching (discourse), Flavio, you would do well to ask Him who leads and advises and reveals all things to you concerning God, to tie it all together, leading straight to Christ Himself! For in that, Salvation is never more apparent then when standing right before the presence of the Savior! Amen.” —F. Lugo 2/14/14 2:48am
45. “God’s Word no matter the teaching, if we are ever so wise to add some of the Gospel into it, this is trustworthy and true— all roads will always lead to Jesus!” —F. Lugo 2/14/14 3:00am (The above two are inspired by Charles Spurgeon’s Soul Winner pg. 43)
46. “The soulless cannot know that which is Good News to a weary soul, that hears Salvation coming its way for the very first time! To preach the Gospel you must have a soul that is set free, alive, thriving and active. To preach the Gospel you must have received it already as your GOOD NEWS.” —F. Lugo 2/14/14 3:12am
(Inspired by Charles Spurgeon’s Soul Winner pg.44)
47. “Secrets and lies have a cost— The truth does too!” F. Lugo (inspired by something I heard in Spider-Man 2 coming attractions) 2/14/14 10:09pm

48. “There’s a difference between Submission and Subservience.” —F. Lugo 2/15/14 9:17pm.
  • Subservient: In the service of others at an inferior state and position; menial. Looked upon as a docile servant.
  • Submission: Receiving and knowing God’s love and serving Hin and others out of it.
49. “We all have battles to face. No battle is too small or too great. Yes, we all have battles to face, however, victory is not always clearly seen in might but through faith.” —F. Lugo 2/15/14 10:01pm (Inspired by this movie I was watching called “More Than Chance.” Based on a true story). 
I certainly do not want to dismiss that action plays its part in life, however, there is something so amazing about the faith seen in prayer that breaks through barriers no bald up fist or weapon could ever break.

50. “Preaching the Gospel; the whole Gospel, in the manner the Holy Spirit Himself endows you with, is the most glorious of callings, the highest office man can achieve and the most royal of employment— There’s simply nothing better than to serve the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Amen.” —F. Lugo 2/18/14 1:31am (Inspired by actual real accounts in my own life, also by Charles Spurgeon’s “Soul Winner” and (Romans 12:6-8)).

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