Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Answer to Unbelief

“Lord, not my will, but your will be done.”

Beloved, by the grace of God I am a man of confession. Now confession isn’t always easy and there are times you are not even aware of what you must confess in order to expose the root cause of your unbelief. However thanks be to God in Jesus Christ the Lord, that we can ask God to reveal this root cause to us and lead us into that glorious place where confession frees us up to experience God’s best! With that said, I now invite you into my HEART...

I am a man that struggles a lot, and this is confession. My struggles, to God’s glory and praise, are no longer base on my selfishness or discontent with society at large, but from a strong, passionate and driven desire to please God in all that I think, say and do. Tonight as I found myself rambling on and on to God concerning what I wanted Him to do for me, I became literally exhausted from my rambling on, and made a confession to God. I told Him, “I’m exhausted from all this. I absolutely do not know what I want but you know exactly what I need. I need to trust you more as you have never failed me.”

Confession frees the soul up to know Gods heart, His thoughts and experience His presence that brings peace.

As I reflected on the last four years that I have known and walked with the Lord Jesus, I realized not only had He not failed me not even once, but He had always EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! I found myself once again being lead to a place of confession, and I said this to Him, “You have indeed far exceeded all my expectations. I believe but help me with my unbelief.” From there, I was made aware that I needed to ask Jesus to forgive me. I said these words to Him, “Lord, please forgive me for trying to control you when I would tell you what I wanted you to do for me. Please forgive me for not trusting you. Let it not be my will, but your will be done. Amen.”

Confession and forgiveness are a powerful force. When they are put together a bomb goes off! This bomb literally levels the playing field. The walls come crashing down. Chains are broken. The prison doors are flung wide openWe are set free.

Beloved, this is certainly true. We literally have no idea what’s best for us. For anyone who has come to know Jesus as Lord, this is also true—He has far exceeded all our expectations! For the ones who have yet to know Him, this I can assure you, whatever you will come to pray or think is necessary in your life or is best for you, according to God’s glorious riches in Jesus Christ our Lord, He will always far exceed them all! 

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