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Quotes, Quotes and more Quotes: 100 Midday/Midnight Quotes (Part 1 of 2)

Beloved, my previous post and you can click on the title to read it if you haven’t [Gethsemane Speaks: Lessons from the Master (Part 1 of 2)] is missing it’s part two, however, God has not spoken fully to me concerning its glorious message and blessing to be received by all of us, so I will not do it in my own strength and I will choose to wait upon the Lord to speak life into that post. So, I decided to post something I believe to be fun, inspiring, enlightening, challenging, encouraging. It will cause us to reflect, to cry and rejoice and something many of us enjoy doing—reading quotes and passing it on to others. Here are those words God divinely inspires me to write through our afternoons and evenings together. Read on and receive the blessing. As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

100 Midday Quotes
(Heavenly perspective given to one Christ Follower)

“When you’re insecure about your position with God, you use your body as real estate, instead of the Holy Spirit!” — F. Lugo 10/29/12
(i.e. your ability can bring that success rather than showing off and resulting to use your body part)

“Be infectious— Dare to rise above the status quo. That’s Life Change” – F. Lugo

“When you’re insecure about your position with God, you approach people with a question instead of a declaration.” — F. Lugo
(i.e Where have you been?! Rather than ‘so good to see you!’)

“Walking in the Spirit, you cannot refrain and cannot be restrained from giving God the glory and praise...HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.” — F. Lugo

A Word: “In our lives although many may think we have it all together and have everything, we find ourselves to be the filthiest of rags on top of the pile by the eyes of others, and in our hearts, we are at the bottom of the heap. In our darkest despair with no one by our side and no where to go, and no strength to do anything, His Light of Glory shines upon us, and His hand of mercy reaches out to us and we are forever changed...Amen.” — F. Lugo (revised on 10/29/12)

“There is no greater writing than to write of the Lord. There is no greater speech than to speak of the Lord. There is no greater life, than to live for the Lord. As there is no one greater, than my Lord!” 
— F. Lugo

“An attitude of gratitude is not a catchy slogan. It’s an untapped resource.” — F. Lugo 3/29/2012

“Life is a journey living well and loving often. Be daring! Go through it.” — F. Lugo 

“Connection between Man and Woman in Christ– Husband and Wife is an unpublished language and a much needed resource.” — F. Lugo 
(speaking on how the world doesn’t know this great love) 
REVISED on 10/29/12 

“Don’t do it your way and be stumped. Give it to God to do it His way and enjoy a peaceful transaction.” — F. Lugo 
(Definitely can apply this to disagreements that need to be settled amicably— Divorce and financial matters come to mind.)

“Many will not be the encouragement of me, but One has encouraged me for my lifetime and eternity—This is Jesus!” 
(F. Lugo)

“It’s not by head knowledge it’s by heart experience.” — F. Lugo 
Desire a Listening spirit. It keeps you in that first love with God. --> (Romans 10:17) 


“Groundbreaking, life altering and foundation shaking this is Jesus!”— F. Lugo 
(Inspired by Matthew 24:35)

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” 
(Matthew 24:35 NKJV)


Don’t make yourself to be better than you are, and don’t seek to be worse than you are. Both extremes will bring great stress and destroy you. It’s not in the perfection, or the imperfection we experience God’s true joy and peace; it’s when we are real. Be honest with God, with yourself and with others. That’s true worship. Amen.” — F. Lugo 
(Inspired by a struggle I went through that God’s voice became silent to me. The absolute worst time of my life and my greatest fear now! I wasn’t in fellowship with the Voice that made everything happen. Never again!)

“It’s not enough to follow unless you share the same vision and purpose. Otherwise your drive will stall out and you won’t continue on.” — F. Lugo 
(God and I share the same cause and purpose now. This is cause: to perpetually exist to hold all things together by His infinite love. This is purpose: That all will come to know God’s infinite love towards us, through His Salvation plan that is affectionately and amazingly demonstrated through His Son Jesus and His infamous Cross. Amen.)

“It will never be enough to do, but it’ll always be more than enough to accomplish.” — F. Lugo

“This I know! — The more intentional you are, the more lasting of an impression you’ll make.” 
— F. Lugo

“I marvel at the fact that in this world, although so disconnected and cold, human beings are still capable to mourn the lost of a loved one and show compassion to the grieving. It shows that our design isn’t to hate, but to love.”— F. Lugo (7/7/2012) 
**inspired by the passing of my grandmother Carmen Gloria Martinez on 7/4/12 and what I was able to observe among my family interactions**

“Perfection isn’t according to the world’s definition, but according to a persevering execution of ones words becoming action.— This is Jesus!”– F. Lugo (7/8/2012)

Don’t get caught up in studying the Word of God and not experiencing the joy of the Lord— There’s a difference.” 
— F. Lugo 

“The Word of God is alive and active. The Word...is God. Therefore, every time we engage in the Word we are engaging God Himself. In every verse God is present! The more we engage with God the more alive we become.” — F. Lugo (Truth!) **Inspired by John 1:1**

“Anyone who needs to know all the answers to everything, will find out real fast it leads to a life of misery– In this lifetime we can’t know it all.” — F. Lugo 9/17/12

10/2/12 – Inspired by my brother J’s need for God’s refreshment that only comes from His Word; His presence. Amen.

“Refreshment, refreshment we are all in need.

Refreshment, refreshment it starts with a seed.

Refreshment, refreshment it’s coming at us, our souls to feed.

Refreshment, refreshment we desire it, give it to us, God we plead.” 
 F. Lugo

“Extinguishing false lies and satanic strongholds— This is Jesus!” — F. Lugo 10/11/12 

Praise You Lord Jesus!

“I read, ‘all Bibles are man made’, and ‘all religions and gods are false.’ This is ignorance and shallow thought, and here’s my tried, tested and true response. The only religion is Christ Jesus. The only wisdom is the Lord God of heaven and earth and the sea. To say that the Bible is man made is to say the oxygen we breathe to remain alive is a figment of our imagination, and that we are all in an elusive dream no one can escape. No! Jesus is real. God is truth! The Bible is divinely inspired by God Himself as a gift of opportunity for man to know Him, and anything less, is due to the lack of effort on the behalf of man to investigate any further.” – F. Lugo 10/11/12 
(Revised on 1/21/2014)

“There is no greater threat to this world, then someone who isn’t willing— Start where you are and determine to be stretched.” –F. Lugo (10/16/12)

“Only when you have been scorched by His holy presence, and sin peels away, can you see His image you were created in—God is a consuming fire!” 
F. Lugo (10/17/12) 
(Revised on 1/21/14)

“The enemy may very well touch you— In fact he will do it! But the Lord has you in His embrace, and He very well will not let go! Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. What is that new creation? God’s treasure! Amen.” — F. Lugo

“Between the Cross and heaven is a whole lot! What is that whole lot? Heaven’s mission! Therefore, look to God surrender and believe. Let “woe is me,” die and embrace the joy set before you— Loving others in the name of Jesus! Amen.” — F. Lugo

“The mission is too glorious and too grand to sit on the sidelines of self-pity.” — F. Lugo 
Embrace Forgiveness 

“Your mission is what you make it. Make it count!” — F. Lugo 

“I’m excited about life, that is, all the wonderful plans God has for me.” — F. Lugo 
My Joy Complete

“Satan exists— As a real entity and inside of all who try to keep others from accomplishing the mission from heaven.” — F. Lugo 
(Inspired by Matthew 16:23 and the Satan’s that came against me when the Lord started to lead me).

“Don’t be a Satan in my life or in the lives of others— Or you’re gonna hear me say get back!” 
— F. Lugo


“The Devil is a liar and God is truth! Who are you resembling on a daily basis?” 
 — F. Lugo

“With all the “reality” being shown on tv nowadays, it’s apparent that being judge and jury many are willing to do, but when that moment comes to stand before the judge and the jury, it’s ironic how the same people don’t want to be judged.” — F. Lugo

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. From wisdom comes knowledge. From knowledge comes revelation. From revelation comes understanding. From understanding comes purpose. From purpose comes the mission. From the mission comes fulfillment. From fulfillment comes glory.” 
— F. Lugo 10/22/12 (praise You My God!) Amen.

“Humility = Revelation and Power” — F. Lugo

“Don’t you just love to encourage other people? It’s a fine art of showing God, how grateful you are for all He does for you.” — F. Lugo 

“This vessel is God’s creation, therefore I declare! Lord be glorified in and through it— Worthy is the lamb!” — F. Lugo 10/31/12

“It’s good to study and prepare, but if it’s all head knowledge and you aren’t walking and talking in the Spirit it’s to no resolve.” — F. Lugo 11/1/12

“Although the devil may nip at your heel, you will always have the victory because, In Jesus name, you deliver the devastating head blow! (Gen 3:15) Amen!” 
— F. Lugo 11/1/12 (Revised on 1/21/14)

“God’s Word has never been anything other than encouraging, inspiring and challenging— God does not operate in ‘can’t.’” — F. Lugo 11/1/12

“God doesn’t wish for things, He makes it happen. Receive the vision first then chase after it with an abandonment— That’s legacy.” — F. Lugo 11/1/12 
(At times this is my nipping at my heel. As I now think of it, being, January 21, 2014, this was inspired by Lilibeth V. Garcia. Thank you Lord for her  and Ricky’s leadership).

“Complaining is like being partially deaf; you hear what you think is right and you base your response on it.” — F. Lugo 11/1/12

“Being truly thankful and genuinely appreciative does something miraculous inside and out of you— It makes your life filled with joy.” — F. Lugo 11/1/12 
(My True Story)

“It’s not always about the numbers, but the greater scope is accomplishing the mission. To be a part of something bigger than yourself when you thought you were worthless— That’s revolutionary vision.” — F. Lugo 11/2/12 
My True Story (my new song in my heart) revised 2/25/13

“Everything God does, produces a great harvest of blessing— Look to be a part of it!” 
— F. Lugo (50 MILLION for Christ)

“Jesus was never concerned with what others thought of Him, because He knew what His Father thought about Him. The result—a joyful life.” — F. Lugo 11/2/12 (Matthew 3:17)

“You don’t need to teach a lesson, just be the example.” — F. Lugo 11/2/12 
#50MILLION (I will walk in this more and more. It has been decidedly so).

“There’s always a blessing in everything— God leaves no stone unturned.” — F. Lugo 11/2/12

“I’ve grown to love the act of repentance. To me, it has meant— FREEDOM!” — F. Lugo 11/2/12 #50MILLION

“You may have started as a man without a mission, but stick with God and you’ll finish as a man with a vision!” — F. Lugo 11/2/12 #50MILLION 
My True Story

“Be a dream builder and not a dream killer. Celebrate what good things God has in store for others— He will bless you.” — F. Lugo 11/3/12 #50MILLION

“It’s God’s business to know all things as well as to surround you with those who will make the seed in you jump for joy.” — F. Lugo 11/3/12 #50MILLION 
(Inspired by Luke 1:41 in context Luke 1:1-80)

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