Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leverage Everything: This is everything... All that you have been created to be

“As a Christ follower, what we do in this life has no greater bearing than to be used for the sake of Christ, and that is to rescue people.” — F. Lugo

The above was inspired by a recent teaching by Pastor Troy Gramling of Potential Church titled “Unexpected Rescue." The previous sentence is an actual link to the message (click on it and enjoy). With that being said, I now invite you into my HEART...
Practice and cultivate and meditate upon these duties; throw yourself wholly into them [as your ministry], so that your progress may be evident to everybody. Look well to yourself [to your own personality] and to [your] teaching; persevere in these things [hold to them], for by so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you. 
(1 Timothy 4:15, 16 AMP)

Beloved, if you are in Christ and are diligently seeking Him, you are steadily experiencing progress and an intimacy with the ministry bestowed upon you by the Lord Jesus Himself!

What you do in this life, has everything to do with shining a light into it. What is this light? It’s Christ Himself. 

For myself, whether I can write, teach, preach, evangelize, pray, prophesy, etc... has no bearing on promoting myself, but everything to do with leveraging it to rescue others.

I am experiencing great breakthroughs in my physical health and body weight, and as I have heard and received that is what I say. It isn’t merely for me to look good and feel good about myself and how clothes now feel on me, but it is to be example and rescue others who struggle in such areas.

Therefore, whether you own a business, work for someone, cook, clean houses, sale cars, go to school, raise children. Whatever it is that you do, you can be sure of this, as a Christ follower you were placed there to leverage it to rescue others. It may be one or many who need this hope that comes from knowing Jesus. Whatever that number is where you are at and what God has in store for you, know that it is absolutely possible for you to rescue them.

Everything I am endowed with through my Creator and made aware of it by the Holy Spirit isn’t to simply benefit me, but to rescue others. That is why I rejoice whether in having a lot or a little. Though it can be very hard at times, it is all used to glorify God and build me up to continue on being a part of the greatest calling, the greatest mission that has everything to do with the greatest heritage from the Great God Himself, and that is to rescue people. The Lord declared it best Himself, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him it might be saved” (John 3:17).

God isn’t in the business of condemning— He’s in the business of RESCUING!

Therefore, whatever you do, if you are indeed a Christ follower, throw yourselves completely into it. Devote yourselves completely to it. Don’t worry about trying to perfect everything (as I have a tendency of doing), but be willing, be diligent, be obedient to be a rescuer with what you have, what you are given and what you can do. In doing so, so can rejoice to know that you are a part of a rich heritage; an everlasting heritage, and this heritage is of the kingdom of heaven! Amen.

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