Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life and Death: Injustice All Over this World

Beloved, on this day February 10, 2013, 12:15pm, I come to you with a word from God. With that being said, I now invite you into my HEART...

This is what the Lord says and shows me, that I saw in vivid nature. It caused me to weep and weep because of the sadness and sorrow I felt and experienced as if it were happening to me! “A people who have experienced injustice and desire to no longer cope with the pain and memories of such horrible things, have a hard and long road ahead of them. I desire for them to know that I am not blind to their pain nor their cries. I am closer than they think. I am willing and able to strengthen them, walk with them and be by their side. A people though hurting terribly must make a choice. This choice is not easily come by and must be well thought out. The choice is life or death. One will cause the injustice done to them and relived everyday in the theatre of their minds to be swallowed up and shut up forever. The other, will cause this injustice of such horrific atrocities that are an abomination to Me, to not only linger but remain forevermore.

The pain is too great, and will swallow them up! This I say, ‘choose life,’ and my answer to this injustice being defeated once and for all, inside of you like an endless nightmare, will be received well. This hope. This joy. This peace. This answer, will bring life. Therefore, choose life! Choose my answer to all of injustice— My Son Jesus.”

Amen. Beloved, the Lord my great God shows me many things that at times are too great for me to understand and many times it crushes me under the weight of the injustice being done to a people all over this world. I could share that God “shows me in the Spirit” or “takes me away in the Spirit” but many of you will not understand that or believe it! So I say this, I DO NOT wish to experience these horrible things as if they were happening to me, that cause me to feel alone, abandoned, frightened, angry, sad and filled with sorrow. Causing me to feel lost, ashamed and filled with guilt. Filled with jealousy and envy. Causing me to want revenge. So many emotions that are extremely heavy and I weep and tremble at the experience of them. But it is inevitable to be awakened to such things the more you draw near to God and desire for Him to draw near to you.

Therefore, as I experience these horrible horrible things, I pray and pray and plead and plead to God, to be strengthened and strengthened and never left alone to handle such horrible and frightening things on my own, but that God’s peace will rule my heart, and that peace is Jesus. Without Him! I would end up in a crazy home. In a padded room because I went insane with all the things that God has awakened in me about the injustice that is taking place as I live and breathe all over this world. This injustice is a means to keep all of us from experiencing Jesus. This injustice is a tool that Satan uses against us in order to keep sadness and sorrow, regret and pain, guilt and shame keeping us down, keeping us defeated, causing forgiveness, mercy and grace to not have it’s way. This tool, is a stronghold that Satan has mastered, and he uses this as the very thing that keeps us from experiencing God’s love.

But I tell you beloved, to receive God’s love isn’t easy for us. It’s the hardest thing to do, because we hurt so much and we want instant healing. We want the pain to go away immediately. We want to never remember and to forget forever the horrible thing that has been done. But emotional pain doesn’t leave us immediately. Physical pain can leave fast, but emotional pain lingers for a long time and creates a long and hard road ahead of us. In time healing and forgiveness will have it’s day, but there will always be a scar left unfortunately, but God’s love will comfort us when we need comforting. I know it, and have experienced it first hand! That is the truth. Amen.

Therefore, I must choose life and I urge and plead with my audience to do the same. I plead with YOU— Choose life! Choose Jesus.

As always... YOU ARE LOVED.

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