Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob

Jacob, must people say happy birthday by sending
a card, giving a gift, or simply saying the words happy birthday. 
I will do the same, but in the unique way God has blessed me with,
and I know it will bless you forever. Your big brother, Anthony

Jacob, as the thought of doing this birthday card came to me, as I wanted to give the very best birthday card to you from God’s heart, to my heart to your heart, immediately I wondered if it was to soft or girly to give to you, but then God showed me how significant this birthday card is because you are so significant to Him.

God showed me that as you want to make a new life for yourself, you would first have to see that life through eyes of faith. What your life could be, before it ever came to be, and then move into action on that dream knowing it will be.

Light of Peace
by Thomas Kinkade
Just as the artist who painted this beautiful painting. Before his brush ever touched the canvas he had to imagine it the way he wanted it to be. By faith, he saw the small cottage. By faith he saw the lighthouse. By faith he saw the cliff the cottage and lighthouse would rest on overlooking the sea. From the colors, even to the way he would use the brushes to make his creation come to life, God did the same with you and you can do the same in your life.

If God is with you, who dare be against you? Jacob, there is no obstacle you can’t overcome whether small or big. If you look to God and place your trust in Him, He will get you to that big dream you have.

Just as life has shown you already, things don’t always go as you plan, but just as a painter creates his masterpiece, even if a stroke of the brush doesn’t come out just as planned, he doesn’t worry, but continues on knowing by faith his vision, his dream, what he imagined so vividly in his heart and his mind’s eye would still come to be. You too, can continue believing in your dream, and even when things get tough and go wrong as it will, you don’t have to worry as long as you’re with God the master creator, because your dream will still come to be. Amen.

Jacob, I believe God helped me choose this card, because the imagination that became a masterpiece, speaks to your life. If you can have faith in God who imagined everything in His heart and started to move into action then it would all come to be, then you a masterpiece of God, can follow in His footsteps and do the same in the life you were given.

Creation of Adam
by Michelangelo
Starry Night
by Vincent Van Gogh

And just as God doesn’t worry about anything and doesn’t give into fear, but continues to create knowing His masterpiece born out of His heart and envisioned in His mind will come to be no matter what obstacle presents itself, you too, can continue on without worry, without fear, knowing that God is in control.

Jacob as you already realized I talked about God a lot. I shared how He is the master creator, the one true God who is in control of everything. He is the God who creates a beautiful masterpiece no matter what obstacle presents itself to Him. He is the God who created you and everything else. God doesn’t worry. God doesn’t give into fear. He keeps on going. Keeps on creating. He is a God who is very hands on with what He creates and He is a God who has absolute faith.

I don’t share all this with you Jacob, to get you to believe in what I believe in. I share this with you because I want you to know that I believe in you even when you think no one else does, just as God believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.

I personally experience God in my life everyday, that’s why I have faith that He exists. Not because I have seen Him with my own two eyes, but because I have experienced Him in my very life. The eyes can deceive us. Our hearts can deceive us. Our minds can deceive us, but God will never lie. That’s the truth and God is a God of His Word.

Just like we talked about the failure and pain of making promises, even God says not to do that, but to be of your word. Amen.


Jacob, you’re my brother and I love you.

I pray, this year, will be the most memorable year for you. An unforgettable year. A year where you will personally experience the most amazing thing that you could ever experience and it will change your life forever.

From your big bro,

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