Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Celebrative Post: 3 Years!

Beloved, July 3, 2012 marked three years I've been walking with the Lord and experiencing the great, unconditional, sacrificial love of God. Amen.

I stand amazed at how much my God has lovingly shared with me. Even now, as I type these words I am filled with tears of joy, and I can faithfully say, all that I have gone through that my God, ‘never left me or forsaken me.’ Amen.

I have experienced immeasurable joy. Miraculous healing. Triumphant hope, and perpetual love. Amen!

In my literal walks with the Lord, where I deemed it, “Let’s see what we see Lord” my God actually walked with me. I experienced His presence. I felt His embrace, and I was shown and taught many great and wonderful things.

I tell you beloved, Jesus is more real than what your senses can comprehend. He is more faithful than any spouse here on earth. He is more loving than the bond between a child and mother. He is more supportive than any group of counselors, and He extends more wisdom and knowledge than any Ivy league university faculty or panel. Amen!

My Jesus! has been with me since that very day (July 3, 2009) in such a personal way that no one... Nothing! Could ever convince me that my God is not real, that He isn't loving, or that He isn't a personal God. Praise You Lord Jesus!

How it's my heartfelt prayer with great tears that you will ALL come to know how high, how long, how wide and how deep is God’s love for you.

These words I share with you aren't words to convince you of anything, but my prayer is that you would have the immeasurable desire to experience Jesus personally where His loving embrace will be the convincing factor in your faith and for those apart from Him, your new found faith in a glorious God that loved you so much that He sent His one and only Son (Jesus) to die for you, and that whomever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life! Amen.

This I am testimony of and I testify about. My life before Jesus was withering away. I was perishing right before the eyes of those that surrounded me. I was dying slowly in my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. I felt empty, although I had much. I felt alone, although I was surrounded by people. But when God’s grace and mercy came to me, reached into my life and saved me, that's when I started to experience life and truly life in abundance. Amen.

For anyone who doesn't believe in God, as I once didn't believe in God, not just in theory but in practice, I extend this invitation to you, that you would call out to the Lord Jesus with a sincere heart, and whether you are hurting, lonely, fearful, remorseful, guilt-filled, angry, hate-filled, my God and I pray your God too! Will indeed come to you and call out to you, that you would be saved and experience the great and powerful love of GOD ALMIGHTY. Amen!

Beloved, that is what I had in my heart to share with you. It’s been a 3 year race, at a 3 year pace, with each and every day experiencing a 3 year EMBRACE. Amen.

My God, how I love You and adore You. No one can compete, no one can convince, no one can consume me like You do. You are a God of all encompassing love, and I praise You my Father and God! For who You are and all that You do! May You be forever praised and receive all the glory and honor forever and ever. Amen!

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