Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is the Revelation... God is LOVE

This is the revelation! I am a witness to it, and it’s the Truth that I speak.

There is nothing that will sustain me other than love. There is nothing that will be enough for me, other than forever love.

There is nothing that is sustained apart from God’s love. Not hope nor faith. But love, sustains hope and faith. It is the greater of all things.

Human beings will grow weary. They will not be able to sustain hope, faith or love to others, because we ourselves need to plug back into Who is our hope, faith and love... That is God.

He is existent and everlasting because all things flourish from hope, faith and love. Amen!

This is why He is my Beloved... He is my everything. Because no one can give out freely and continually what God can only give out freely and continually.

God exists to be perpetual LOVE. This is why we rejoice! and it's declared, said and spread... That God is love. Amen!

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