Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Pensive Post: We Are Solomon

Lately, I have had such a thought come to my attention many times and now I share with you a lesson I've learned and desire to apply to my life and for you to apply to yours.

What does a man who rules over all that he surveys, has the greatest wealth, land, influence, honor, wisdom and understanding over every other person on earth want? He wants more.

Let us take a lesson from King Solomon's life. Endowed with tremendous blessings from God. Everything he asked God for and then so much more God gave him. He had everything, and yet he still choose to disobey the Hand that handed him everything.

We may ask God for this and for that. And many times we don't receive it and wonder why. In past times God blessed nations with everything and they disobeyed Him every time.

The next time you and I ask for something from God, let us look to Solomon's life which is a reflection into the hearts and minds of all human beings. Will what God blesses or has blessed our lives with be enough, or will we selfishly want more?

**Read from (1 Kings 3) to take in the story of Solomon. An amazing read.

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