Friday, May 18, 2012

A Delighted Post: Desiring The Lord

There's a verse in scripture that many including myself may have unknowingly looked to it as a promise from God for whatever we want! It says, “Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

For quite some time I saw this as a two part verse. Thinking if I enjoyed my God, and I desired marriage I'd be married. If I desired financial wealth, I'd become wealthy. But I now realize that it isn't broken into two parts. It's one in the same. The first portion is simply a reflection of the second portion. Delighting in the Lord, should be the desire of our heart.

Nothing should take precedence over God. This conclusion comes by many people desiring many things and praying for many things but it never comes to be. But a life of great love, joy and victory in great closeness to God is what they got in place of all else.

Here's another portion of scripture that speaks volumes to me. “If anyone [desires] to follow Me. He must [deny] himself, pick up his Cross daily and follow Me.”

Both verses have to do with our desires, and both verses have to do with following the Lord. This I have come to know and rejoice in. When I stop desiring everything else and everything within me desires only the Lord, my life is not only filled with absolute joy but I feel and know myself to be most complete. Amen.

Here's something we can be confident that is trustworthy. Although a man’s heart plans his way, it's the Lord that directs his steps. Amen.

Here's some advice for those who are starting their walk with the Lord and those who have been on the journey for some time: Do not limit God by asking specifics. Simply desire closeness with Him. Strength to accomplish all you are created and called to do, and let God's will for your life and those around you be done.

That is a heart that's filled— That is a life fulfilled.

As always...YOU ARE LOVED

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