Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emergency Post: The Confrontation In The Room (My Perspective)

Good morning beloved. It's about 1:57a.m. the day prior to my 32nd birthday. I was awoken by a voice telling me to get up, and as I fought to get up thinking my alarm (set for 2:45a.m.) had went off moments ago, I started to sing this song that came to my heart. It's called "Trust in Jesus," by Third Day. Okay, now that the environment is set, I'll start sharing with you why am I writing to you at such an early hour.

Do you know that the Lord is good? He is good all the time. I don't say these words to you as some sort of cliche, but rather I share these words from a soul that has known of the Lord for quite sometime although I refused to get to know Him. The Lord has been putting this on my heart for quite some time now to share with you all. Although the Lord called on me on January 1, 2006 and I responded, He has been nudging my heart from as early as 2003. Here's where The Confrontation In The Room begins. In 2003 I was fired from my then current job with a popular cell phone carrier for overstepping my boundaries (we'll leave it at that) and my sleeping habits were dismal. I would stay up very late walking around my mother's house as others slept angry, bored, and arguing with God. Yup! You can say I spoke to God, but I never allowed Him to get a word in. It was me, me, me all the way. One late night I was in my room and as I laid on my bed peering into the darkness of my life, out of the darkness of my closet came a shadow of a man. I didn't quite look at him, but I knew he wanted something from me. This shadow of a man was the devil. As I stood perched up in my bed not making eye contact but seeing him from the corner of my eye, another Man appeared in the doorway of my room. This Man was brimming with Light but He too, I did not make eye contact with. This Man was Jesus. You can say as both of them stood at two entrances of my life, I was not inclined at that point to give my full attention to either of them. But I began to speak to them...

To the devil, I told him I wasn't going to go with him, and "I don't care what you say." To Jesus, I really didn't say anything to Him, but He stood looking at me and throughout that whole confrontation He never left my presence, until he left my presence. At least he left for a time.

You may be wondering why I didn't put the dialogue down that either of them spoke towards me. This was a confrontation of the nature of my heart compared to the character I portrayed on the outside. On the inside I was hurt and in need of healing. On the outside I was angry and pushed people away. Both equally hid themselves well, but the two of them who appeared to me were reflecting both. The darkness was a facade that would eventually fade away and my true colors would show. The bright Light was always there and unwilling to ever leave.

I thank my Lord for waking me up today to share this with all your precious hearts. As I type these last words to you I am overwhelmed by my Lord's love for me that it has me in tears and I can barely make out the keys I'm typing on.

Beloved, this is my heartfelt advice to you. When you come to that crossroad of your life where darkness and Light are presented to you, even if you don't care to make a decision at that moment, be at peace to allow the confrontation to run its course. You will see that Jesus will speak into your hurt whereas the devil will only try to grab your attention. Ultimately it is He Jesus the Lord who has already won your heart. Amen.

Beloved, I urge you to choose Life though. Here's the verse in scripture the Lord gave to me just now that encapsulates The Confrontation In The Room.

"I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live." (Deuteronomy 30:19 emphasis added).

Let us pray: A prayer of Salvation (Make it personal/Make it count)

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for doing things my way. Help me to do things Your way. My soul is in need of saving, and I don't want to live life now or in eternity without you. I have been confronted with darkness, but Your Light is calling out to me. Please fill me with Your Light. Save me, help me, heal me, make me new and show me the way to life and blessing. I choose You as my Savior and Lord.  

Beloved, If you have prayed this prayer, I believe according to the Word of God you are now saved. As it's written, For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13).

Congratulations on choosing LIFE! I'd be honored if you would leave a comment if you called on the name of the Lord Jesus. I pray God direct you to the church where you will grow and remain in His Light and blessing. Stay in the Word of God, and keep God first. He'll take you places you never dreamed of. 

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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