Friday, August 5, 2011

Your place on the breastplate of Righteousness

The ephod is a very distinct symbol of the high priestly manner. His calling and election by it go hand-in-hand.

The ephod is a sacred outer garment woven in pure gold attached to the priestly robe that adorns beauty and splendor. Holiness, judgment, as well as atonement. The breast plate that rest on top at chest length, was made of gold and had 12 gems embedded into it. The breast plate was held up and unto the ephod, by which the ephod was attached to the sacred robe by 2 onyx stones through gold clasps and a twisted gold chain. These 12 gems represented the 12 tribes of Israel, and indeed have great worth on this earth and in this world, but far greater worth before the eyes of God. 

To God they represent a brilliant family together that is forged in love that is pure and of the highest caliber. Glory to God!

The high priest was able to consult the ways of God through material hidden within the ephod under the breastplate, by which we now in Christ have such help and counsel and can consult the ways of God, and He is the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The ephod is the original uniform; Uniformed for glory! and encompasses the breastplate of righteousness, in which the high priest would have resting right over his heart, as he lead the people of Israel in prayer, and in worship before God as he entered into the tabernacle and sprinkled blood of animals sacrificed for atonement in consecrating the place of worship and for God's people. 

The high priest would also enter into the Most Holy place in the tabernacle, behind a partition of robe that no other could enter, to offer up prayer to their Holy God; our Holy God, for the people's sins.

As we, who are saved by the blood of Jesus, who is, our eternal High Priest, we too, are part of the ephod. We too, are brilliant gems of great worth to God, and we too, are very near and dear to God's heart in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Such is to say, any one who is in Christ, who is true to their Lord, are adorned with such glory and are consecrated through Christ, are to be of such a holy priestly manner. To be ready and faithful to hear and deliver God's Holy Word. To be blessed and bless others through the work of your appointed office (calling and election) according to the will of God, and to be able to walk in an upright manner befitting to the glorious gift given to you that is Salvation in Christ and no other and the precious blood of Christ. Amen.

I have no need to further expand on this glorious Truth, but to say "Know you are of great worth in God's eyes and you are forever embedded in God's Love and near and dear to His heart in the Lord Jesus. Walk in a manner that represents such. Amen."

Glory to God! Sing praises to our God children. Sing praises! Sing praises to our great King, sing praises!

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