Monday, August 1, 2011

This little tongue of mine

'..the tongue is a little member and boasts great things...' (James 3:5 NKJV fragmented)

You always hear someone who isn't willing to examine their ownselves and their own ways, say 'show me Jesus and I'll believe,' but there is no need to entertain that as the Truth already presented itself. 

If you're unwilling to deal with the seen things and remain in blind ignorance, then how can you believe in unseen things and make yourself known as wise?

As I have heard it "sensationalist claims," but don't we do this on a daily basis? Something along the lines of "I'll bet you a million dollars you won't do it," when we do not have $10 to our name. What about "I hate you for being able to do that and I can't," when we profess to love the person dearly.

I've even said and have heard this one in my complete ignorance before becoming a Christian, and before the Lord showed me the true meaning of inheriting the earth through meekness (see Matthew 5:5), "I hate everyone and wish they would all die." Shocking! but a truth many of us dare not to mention for fear of hurting our reputation of a Christian, as if it was a finger nail to be broken. A Christian is a sinner reformed in and through Christ. Therefore, stop thinking you're perfect.

The true Way to happiness is to Surrender FULLY, and that involves confessing sins to the Lord and many times to each other (see James 5:16). That's a true mark of fearlessness in Christ. One may think it's witnessing to another person who Jesus is, but confessing what you want no one to know of course with discernement, is the true mark of boldness and fearlessness. 

As mentioned above in the verse in scripture, our tongues can boast some great things, but as Matthew 5:5 states, meekness which is a word that means (surrendered to God and can control) causes us to not boast things we can't do or prove, but things we can do, and can prove.

You may not be able to pay someone $1,000,000 if they jumped from a two story house on a dare, but you can speak kindly and live gently before others when you once did not.

The greatest way to witness to others about the Lord Jesus, is in the life we live out loud and in plain view for all to see. Amen.

Beloved, may God's grace radically change your hearts, and minds, that will result in a tongue that boasts of the Lord, and not of yourself. 

You are loved.

Your brother and His faithful servant,

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