Monday, August 8, 2011

Spiritual Cancer: The "5 Cycles of Sin"

"In the shadow of the Almighty God all goodness resides. In the silent shadow in the valley of death, all traps lie." - F. Lugo


In your struggle in and with sin, you will find yourself in a vicious cycle. These "5 cycles of sin," starts with SIN itself, by which is referred to as (Spiritual Cancer), which begins as an internal struggle that others do not know of, you yourself are unaware of, and it is truly a big secret you eventually are keeping, which inevitably adds such a strain on you emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

From, an internal battle it becomes, an external battle in which it attacks you and starts showing signs physically, and now you move into the second phase of these "5 cycles of sin," and that is SERVITUDE as you are now a slave of sin: meaning you no longer fight the urges but willingly give into them.

From being attacked and losing the battle, you are now a slave, and eventually this imprisonment of your whole being causes you so much agony and causes so much destruction around you, you fall down into the third phase of these "5 cycles of sin," for which is SUPPLICATION: being that you can no longer take what you have become and what you've done, you cry out to God to help you.

This leads to the fourth phase of these "5 cycles of sin," and that is the dawning of a new day in your darkness of hour, to which is SALVATION: where God hears your cry, and lowers Himself to you, in order to save you (this is mourning turned into rejoicing).

The final phase of these "5 cycles of sin," is SILENCE: to which is goodness to the soul and where the enemy applies all his efforts to gain a foothold on you again. This last phase is a time of Peace of the inward man and the outward man.

In this final phase; this last cycle is where we Christians tend to ease up on our heartfelt prayers, our time with the Lord in reflection regardless of what is going on in our life, and in our study and embracing of His Word. Here is where we treat sin abolished forever, as sin in remission, where we commonly in our sigh of relief fall back slowly into the repetition of those "5 cycles of sin," as we take for granted, God's mercy and grace, and the glory that is God! who is always just and faithful to forgive our trespasses. Give Him praise!

I have personally fallen into repeating this stage many times, and I have discovered through much heartache and pain, the only way to avoid this vicious pitfall of a cycle from occurring over and over again, is to remain fully surrendered in all areas of your life to God and before God. Amen.

**Through my struggles I thank God! I have the firsthand experience of failure in my own understanding and strength, and His Victory, by His complete understanding and immeasurable strength. That I may be of aid to you beloved in your time of need. Glory to God!**

Let us pray:

Oh, our beautiful Father and glorious God. We thank you even though we cannot fully fathom how you forgive a people who excel in disobedience. How holy you are! Thank you for a merciful grace that has and will captivate the minds and enrapture the heart's of all your people...Hallelujah! We praise you for Your faithfulness and the pure untainted love that can only come from You. May You help us be a people more like You, and less like us. For Your infinite glory and in Your everlasting grace, we praise You, in Jesus name. Amen.

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