Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She is indeed worth it

'A woman is the emotions
shared with a man
the climax of giving
by the touch of a hand.'

Although created in extreme beauty to captivate the mind, body, and soul, She is rarely seen like this, and often spoken terribly about. On my mind is the grotesquery circulating in this world that slanders Her name, her purpose, her involvement with the greatest thing known to man; the creation of life that exemplifies love at its most captivating. To be created to create is amazing, and should be marveled. Yet, this is rarely the case. Why don't we encourage Her? Why aren't we loving Her? She was created specifically for us.

The world has twisted the image of Her so much, that She believes She isn't worth it anymore. That She isn't the expression and image of "At last!"

She often thinks that she has little purpose if any, other than to be ridiculed, mocked, taken advantage of, and used and abused and tossed away as if she wasn't the appropriate helper.

Throughout this world she is lost, beaten, sold, and destroyed, in the name of hate, but this isn't the way! She was created in the name of LOVE, not LUST.

She is to be spoken of, treated as, and cherished more, than all the gold, rubies, and wealth that can be attained. She is associated with Wisdom, and Longevity. She is assocated with being an encourager, and boldness and more fierce than a lion. She is compared to having more beauty, and a greater scent, and commading of attention, than a fully blossomed field of gorgeous flowers.

She is what He should adore, cherish, attend to, care for, and rise higher than His own expectations to protect and provide for. She was taken from Him, for Him. She is protection for Him, and even protection from Himself.

She is indeed worth it... She is WOMAN

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