Monday, April 11, 2011

Do it with an abandonement

So many times I have heard others say, "I'm trying to make a living," and I too have said it. But to struggle, to worry, to doubt, to grow anxious and weary is to "make a living."

We are wanting the wrong thing, and asking the wrong question. It isn't how, but when?

What you love, what will create even more life; what excites your very soul, is exactly! what we need to desire. To make a life! living out what you love is exactly the right thing, and when! you decide to do it, is exactly the right question.

If what brings you to life is raising a family, wanting a family, traveling abroad, starting a business, going back to school, whatever it is, do it! Don't let it pass you by.

Making a living is a dull way to let time pass us by, but making a life! now that's letting time pass along with you. That is a beautiful thing.

To make a life from what you love, and to do it with an abandonement, now that is praise worthy.

Words that have surely spoken into the depths of us, from One who knows and desires to embrace us so completely and loves! the depth of our heart:

'I can never leave you, nor forget about you. You are my creation, my purpose! My son; my daughter. We were never to seperate, but always meant to be one.'

God bless you all

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