Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spiritual Cancer

[please read: Mark 2:15-17]

"Selfishness, is the Original Sin. It is Spiritual Cancer." - John Marquez

Have you ever wonder why so many people follow Jesus and His ways? If so, the verse (Mark 2:17) gives great insight into why. If you read a couple of verses prior to verse 17, you'll get a better scope of it. Jesus was invited to a disreputable tax collector's home for dinner.

His name was Levi (you'll know him as Matthew as in the writer of the Book of Matthew), and Levi invited all sorts of disreputable people. What I love about these verses, you will come to see that there was many *disreputable people among Jesus that were His followers.*

*Meaning, people who do wrong definitely want what's right to be in their life (hence following Jesus).

Jesus is the supreme picture of a personal relationship with God, the Father in heaven. He is not a picture of religion as it's taught today, which is, an impersonal detached relationship.

Therefore in verse 16 (I urge you to read all passages to fully understand), the leaders of "Religious Law," which is not for a personal relationship with God, but rather impersonal, say to those who were following Jesus and amongst themselves 'why does He (Jesus) dine with "such scum!."'

This is where the Lord Jesus comes in with such insight, such intention, and let's just admit it right now, such AWESOMENESS! and responds with these words (verse 17):

When Jesus heard this, he told them, "Healthy people don't need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who [think] they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners." (Mark 2:17)

Sin is seen as selfishness; a deathly sickness (which is to miss the mark), whereas it will literally make you ill and eat you up like Cancer, and cause you to die...the words to illustrate this, and they are very powerful and eye opening to change, are found here; 'For the wages of sin is death...' (Romans 6:23)

*Insight: If missing the mark is selfishness and a deathly sickness, then the opposite of this, is to hit the mark; Selflessness, and life giving health...where in another verse it sheds great hope for this where it says "Rivers of [living] water will flow from his (Jesus) heart." (John 7:38)

Since the first part of Romans 6:23 above paint a scary yet powerfully eye opening Truth, let us look to the Lord Jesus as the hope for us all, (and know that as Cancer can take a life, cancer can also be beaten) when we take in the second half of the verse; '...but the free gift of God is [eternal life] through Christ Jesus our Lord.' (Romans 6:23) that deserves an Amen!

Eternal life = life giving health (Spiritual Cancer beaten)...through Christ Jesus the Lord

On a even more personal note, when I receive such things from God to share with everyone, it is my hope, my belief, and my intention for all who take in these words to know I too! need Jesus for every step and breath I take, thought I have, action I do, through every beat of my heart, as I too! was "sick," but have found the only remedy and that is in Jesus the Lord!

God bless you all.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, come into my heart. I need you. Please forgive me, and make me clean and healthy. I make you my Lord and Savior. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer, you have the remedy in you now and it's thriving! Next step, find a local bible based church, and get yourself the beautiful love letter (Holy Bible). Shameless plug here, please [inbox] me if you want to come to my church; Potential Church :) We'll give you a Free Bible if you don't have one. Look forward to your message. God bless you

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"Don't pick a fight embrace a Victory." - F. Lugo

Let us pray:

Lord, help me not retaliate When someone wants to pick a fight; Instead, give me the strength and faith to show Your love and do what's right. —Sper

Revenge restrained is a victory gained.

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