Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potential Church

My friends if you are in the So. Fla area, come check out Potential!

Potential Church
Main Campus: Cooper City
Website: (for other campus locations, service
times, and much more)
Address: 12401 Stirling Road, Cooper City, FL 33330
Dress code: Come as you are (suit, jeans, shorts, dress, etc... It's
all good).
If you don't have a bible, we'll give you one...FREE!!!!
If you have felt that nudge in your heart, and have chosen Jesus as
your Lord and Savior and want to know what's next, come to Potential
Church, and we'll be honored to point you towards your next step.
We can't wait to meet you. God bless.
Starting January 26 we will be having Wednesday night service at 7pm.
How awesome is that? Very! :)

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