Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are you a shooting guard, or a POWER forward?

Are you a shooting guard, or a POWER forward?

[for anyone who watches basketball, or plays basketball, you will
appreciate the Truth of God in this]

I was explaining to my OME (my love), that an individual at the height
of 6'4" is like a tiny person in the NBA. This individual would have
to be a "Shooting Guard," staying out in the paremeter, and at times
driving into the paint (towards the hoop).

Just as I was receiving from God, the greater revelation (weight) of
the words I spoke, my OME, said 'you say all things are God, did you
hear what you said?'

I responded, "I was just thinking that."

Here's the revelation of the words I spoke (this is what my Father
says and shows me):

Anyone who doesn't have a great faith in God, to see themselves as a
giant in Him, will remain at a distance, as they will see themselves
as easy prey for the enemy, but the good news is; they will not remain
in a lack of faith, and when they decide to face God, and receive His
strength in full, they will fully engage, and the distance and fear,
will be no longer. Amen!

A POWER forward, is someone who engages everything that he/she is
confronted with. They are in the paint, and if there isn't enough
coverage out of the paint, they quickly move to the spot that needs
protection (defense).

This is what my Father says and shows me:

*My POWER, will always propell you forward, and you will indeed have
your faith cemented in me, and know that through me all things are
possible, and you will step out (leave the paint/comfort zone), and
confront (conquer/claim Victory) all things with absolute assurance
that it can, it must, and (my) will be done. Amen!

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"God's Word, is the music of life." -MMOG

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