Monday, July 12, 2010

All aboard!

[The Kingdom of Heaven is like a choice between a cruise ship and a paddle boat.] Read on...

Enlarge your Vision! (God's name is Vision, for He is a visionary). It's not what you take in through your eyes that matter, but what your mind and your heart are willing to accept, and decide to chase after (believe in with all your heart, mind, and soul), that truly matters.

To have faith without works (living by example of what your faith is), is indeed pointless.

If you are presented with a cruise ship, and a paddle boat to get to your destination that is a great distance away; which one will you choose?

Of course the choice made would be the cruise ship. But I tell you the Truth! May the Lord our God, be as Big as the cruise ship, when it comes to your faith, yet as simple as a small paddle boat, in your living.

Advice for Life: Do not complicate things, as tomorrow worries, are for tomorrow. Therefore, enjoy today for today. Be blessed.

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