Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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On Friday, June 18, 2010 my car was removed from my life, and instead of growing fearful, or filled with complaints, I saw it as a blessing from God Himself.

Today June 22, 2010 my friends car was stolen, and he is upset abou it. Now as I have confessed it, that I would receive the blessing first in all things, I am in a position to counsel, speak to, minister, provide words of encouragement to my friend, my brother, someone I love and care deeply for. All though different circumstances, the result of having something removed from this world in our lives was the same

He tells me, he 'feels like Job,' from the Bible. My response to him, " My friend it is indeed a hard thing to perceive, but we should count ourselves blessed to go through a Job stage, as what was the end result with Him? Think about it. Pray on it, and confess with all faith in our Father, you will indeed inherit such an end result. God does move on us, when we don't do it ourselves. Once again, count yourself blessed, as I do. Peace to you my brutha. All my love."

I tell you the Truth! for anyone who is having many things, or what some may consider to be "things in your life of importance," removed/taken from you, look to God for understanding and peace in the situation.

Read the Book of Job, and know what you are going through (that has you fearful, worried, or in anger and filled with complaint), has happened to others in great intensity, and as you lean on God to deliver you from it in all faith, your end result shall be as Job's; a blessing of restoration in great abundance (as the Bible says it 'in seven fold') to a new and exciting God-filled life.

This is Truth! and if you have the faith to believe it, count yourselves blessed.

Here is further Truth. The world has deemed 'Job,' to be nothing more than something you do that brings you great aggravation, but the real Truth in this confession from the enemy, is that "Job," a child of God, was complete aggravation to him, as he worked so hard to ruin his spirit.
[This is Truth!]

Anything, and anyone who goes against God, shall work hard. As I say "All things are God, and in all things look to see God."

Be blessed children.

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