Friday, May 28, 2010

Love is healing

The irrefutable key to a successful relationship, is not communication, but rather communication of God. Intimacy is gained in the sharing of Love, and love is the basis of God's Word, and in His Word, you find (healing, encouraging, promoting, securing, refreshing) power.

Do not allow intimacy, and an everlasting connecting bond, to simply go unnoticed, and dismissed. Grab ahold of it! and share with one another, and watch as the beauty of a True Relationship unfolds right before your eyes.

It takes one Act of Random Kindness, to renew what was once lost. Step forward, and declare victory in your love life, and allow defeat to no longer! have its day. God bless

Today children, you have received it. Amen!

Let us pray:

Father, make what was once lost and without repair, be strengthened and renewed to surpass all hope, and be filled with Your True Love. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

**"What does it matter what we think we know, in the end, there's no denying the Truth. Speak His Truth!"

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