Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 9 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

201. “If we allow our impatience to give way in place of trusting the Lord, we will take our affection for Him from Him, and create something of our own to give our affection to—this leads to chaos!” 3/27/15 (Inspiration from the Golden calf incident: (Exodus 32). A great sadness indeed. My Lord, let nothing ever again come between You and I. Amen.)

202. “Christ doesn’t need our attention as that comes and goes. He deserves and demands all of our affection. Period!” 3/27/15 (Deuteronomy 6:5; Luke 10:27)

203. “Concerning marriage. If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation and what God has brought together let no man separate. Therefore, if you are married and Jesus is Lord, let your marriage be made anew! Amen.” 3/27/15

204. “Concerning the Gospel. In caring and candidness. Jesus is made known. Halleluyah!” 3/27/15

205. “Like lightning that flashes in the east and is seen in the west, this is the grace and truth of God made known through His one and only Son Jesus—Nothing but captivating splendor.” 3/27/15

206. “It should never be about you in a relationship. Whenever it is, it’s an automatic fail.” 3/27/15 (inspired by Kirk Cameron’s “Mercy Call”).
207. “In Christ, we receive from God a new spiritual heart. A heart that is eternal. But with any heart transplant temporary or eternal, it takes an electric shock for life to begin; a forcible gesture to get that heart to start pumping. God’s Word is life, without Him, we simply cannot live and live freely and live with Him for eternity. Like the chambers of a heart that open and shut allowing blood to enter in continuously in order for us to remain alive daily, pumping and than channeling and distributing life giving blood to the rest of the body, so it is with the Word of God. He must be freely circulated about in our heart. The Word of God must enter into our heart and be distributed into every area of our life, for this new heart from God to pump freely and strongly. The question is: Are you allowing God’s Word to enter into your heart daily and continuously so you may have life; eternal life, and truly know and experience what it is to be alive?” 3/29/15

208. “Beloved, the love of the covenant Lord God of heaven and earth and all the sea is so immense for His human race He created, it could be equated to the degree of being hotter than a billion suns. That is tremendous! How gloriously loved we are in Christ.”
Temperature of the sun:10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (on the surface what the earth feels from a distance of 92 million miles away).
Core temperature can reach upwards to 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Whoa! God’s love for us is INTENSE!
209. “Like the gravitational pull of the sun towards the earth, is the Father’s love that draws us to Christ; His one and only Son.” 3/29/15 (John 6:44 inspires!)

210. “In all your studying of the holy scriptures concerning the Old and New Testament, which is it for. To gain biblical knowledge or to experience intimacy with God? The Lord Jesus said it best: “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.”” 3/29/15

211. “To stand apart in a world that clamours with noise by a sea of people, you must be willing to
pay it all; give it all, lay it all down. That’s the price of righteousness; that’s the ransom for liberation. That’s the Son of God—Jesus Christ the Lord.” 3/29/15

212. “Let us not always give into what we want, but let us give into what is wise—This is praiseworthy; this shall empower us!” 3/29/15 (inspired by 1 Corinthians 1:24 NLT and my ongoing beautiful struggle with making wise choices with what God blesses me with).
213. “Spouses. When was the last time you took an active interest in your husband; in your wife? When was the last time you placed a smile on their face simply because you rejoice in the Lord for blessing your life with them? When was the last time you selflessly laid down your own desires and interests to pursue your spouse? When was the last time you genuinely gave praise to the Lord for your wife; for your husband? When was the last time you can confidently say God had a smile on His face because He saw not only how you treated your spouse but what was in your heart and mind concerning them? When was the last time…” 3/29/15
214. “I want to live a wild, reckless and dangerous life for Christ. This is wild. I will be free in Christ alone. This is reckless. That I will have no fear of men and what they might do to me for the faith I have in Jesus as Lord. This is dangerous. That I would abandoned every comfort of this world that I may see Christ and live. Amen.” 3/29/15 11:00pm

215. “I don’t want to be that sort of man that his glass is half empty or full. I want to be in every respect, that man found in Christ, that his cup is overflowing!” 3/30/15

216. “In being a Christian, one declares through belief that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. This is proper; this is the result of coming to know Him, but as Joshua knew all too well, we must choose daily whom we will serve—old habits just as old worship practices die hard.” 3/30/15 (inspired by Kyle Idleman’s “gods at war” and Joshua 24:15). Praise the Lord.

217. “For the husband that gawks at other women and invites men to do also is a joke! His marriage is a sham. His wife is disgraced. This man is not to be trusted or followed.” 3/30/15 (I have great anger towards the heart of such perverse men. Why? I was one of them! The shame of it all).

218. “The comforts of this world blind us from truly knowing Jesus.” 3/31/15

219. “The Lord calls out to me from His sanctuary. Like a moth to a flame I can’t help but be caught up in the presence of His wonderful love.” 3/31/15

220. “To be to the Lord is to live free. To be to man is to be governed by unrealistic goals—this is imprisonment.” 3/31/15

221. “The church does not save you. Men cannot save you. Christ alone is salvation. For there has been no name under heaven that man would be saved by other then Jesus Christ the Lord.” 3/31/15 (Inspiration: Acts 4:8-12)
222. “Upon reflecting over the “Song of Solomon” one thing above all else is quite clear—there is an equal pursuit taking place between two lovers. “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” What is the point of Christ being crucified if not to prove once and for all that God has pursued us, His creation; His people, the human race, with relentless love! Christ did not die a sinners death all the while being perfect and in His perfection never meriting such a shameful and despicable end for His love to go unnoticed. If we will not equally pursue Christ with unconditional and sacrificial love, then we might as well be for Satan. Anything else simply cannot do.” 3/31/15
223. “We cannot pass down our faith to our children. We cannot pass down our passions to our children. However, we can certainly pass on our witness to our children. So when the time comes for them to rise up and choose today whom they will serve. They with one accord shall say like the great sounding of the trumpet of victory: “We too will serve the Lord, because He is our God.”” 4/1/15 (Glory and Halleluyah!) (Inspired by the speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave on the steps of the capital of Alabama in 1964 and Joshua 24:16-18)

224. “I cannot emphasize enough the life and death importance of choosing Jesus over self daily. Quite literally a generation will either rise up or fall by it. Indeed, at such a thought we ought to feel the pressure of it all. This is why we must choose daily the ‘Rock of the ages’ who is Christ the Lord, unless we fall victim to the pressure of it all.” 4/1/15

225. “How often do you pray to the Lord God and what you pray to Him for will determine the course of your life. Are you seeking His will, confessing your sins, thanking Him for all He has done, is doing and promises to do according to His Word? Are you asking Him to build you up for His glory and praise or is it none of the above and merely a long list of demands? Once again, the measure of your prayer life and the significance of those prayers will determine the course of your life.” 4/1/15

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