Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Voice of God (Part 1 of 2)

Like a wife who has her back towards her husband and unaware he is approaching and when she hears his voice calling to her, chills go down her neck and spine and entire body. This is the voice of God.  Like a father or mother who approaches their sleeping child and when their soothing voice calls out to their child and the child awakes knowing he has heard his parent and all is well, so it was when the Lord God of heaven and earth called out to me in 2006. I heard. I fell to my knees. I cried. I immediately knew to ask Him to help me. Yet my soul experienced that chilling moment knowing also, all would be well. With that said and this being originally written on (July 12, 2015), I now invite you Into My HEART...

However, months later, on my behalf, all was not well. I didn’t pursue the Voice of Truth that called out to me and the joy, peace and love of God that I experienced grew cold within me and I ignorantly turned away from Him, but behold, the revelation the Lord my great God and Savior who loves me with a fierceness revealed to me yesterday, as we had an intimate moment together that had me in tears.

Like a father who passionately pleads with his son not to go off alone and leave his home where he is loved, adored and cherished, so did my heavenly Father plead with me. His plead, I was made aware and absolutely rejoice in now, was quite the passionate plead that I would not turn away from Him but remain. Yet, I turned away and was not understanding of what He was doing and all the heartache and pain it would have saved me and others along the road distant from Him for three years.

When I walked away from the Lord back in 2006, my heavenly Father, knew already the sorrow and pains and surmounting problems that would result from it and quite literally plague me for years to come due to my leaving Him. So with one last passionate plead as I turned my back on Him to walk away, He placed His loving and comforting hand on my shoulder and with firmness and resolve, He said, “My son, even without me,  you will experience many troubling things, yet with Me by your side, I can help you get through them and learn from them and in the end, you will have grown to appreciate me even more and appreciate the life I gave you. What will you choose?”

In 2006, I did not choose Him yet here’s the epic conclusion to the revelation, His arm placed firmly on me then, stretched all the way to 2009, when it would sink down into me and I would realize how desperately I needed Him and how I could not go another moment without Him by my side. That is when I choose Him and His arm on my shoulder became two arms wrapped around me, embracing me with all the affection, love and warmth I would forever need and missed for three years.

Beloved, God’s timing isn’t some mystical thing and it certainly not a waiting around to experience the good life because He’s taking too long and you are growing impatient from waiting. God’s timing is immediate, exact and always on time. His timing is perfect timing, yet it is we, who fail to grasp His timing and His timing has been defined in my experience for all to rejoice in. His timing in 2006 was also my relief in 2009. What He made known in 2006 was my revelation in 2009. What He wanted to protect me from in 2006, became the very shelter I would seek in 2009. The love He was ready and willing to lavish on me in 2006, I cried out to Him to receive in 2009.

His love towards me didn’t remain in His willingness to call out to me in 2006 but was readily available in my necessity three years later, when I cried out to Him in 2009. 
God’s 2006 was my 2009!

God’s love chased after me and sought me out like a hound on the prowl for three years. When my miserable three years came and gone. His joyous one year flooded my three and like that spouse and child, I was alive and well and it was electrifying. Thank you Jesus!

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