Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sharing My Pain: A Testimony of God’s loving presence in the Midst of a Frightening Experience

My pain:  Beloved, whether you choose to believe it or not, God and angels exist and so does Satan the devil and his demons exist. In the first year of my walk with Jesus, when you wouldn’t think frightening, tragic or horrendous things would happen, those three culminated in multiple nights of satanic and demonic attacks that almost left me a paraplegic. I will share my pain with you and to do so, I now invite you Into My HEART...

The whole ordeal was very painful and revealing to me concerning the nature and purpose of the devil and his demons and of God my heavenly Father. Satan and his demons have no other rule of engagement than this: “Attack when they are weak, alone and are immature in their faith.” God and His holy angels also have a rule of engagement: “Protect those who are in Christ; who believe in Jesus, who call on my Name!”

My faith compared to many at that time was very weak. I only knew Jesus for months of this new life; this redeemed life in Christ. Yet, another thing God revealed to me through this very frightening and excruciatingly painful ordeal—God was faithful, He would not leave me, He would not abandon me to my own demise because I was one of His, and that, although pain will be inflicted on the godly, trust and intimacy with God would soar to greater heights as a result of it! 

I physically felt multiple entities come upon me like heavy weight. I was unable to move as I laid on my sofa bed, and I visually saw this entity breathing as he was on top of me and I tried to fight him saying, “No you did not come into a house that belongs to the Lord!” At that moment fear hadn’t gripped me from the intense pain. Anger is what I felt. Courage is what I displayed, but once again, God revealed to me something about the devil. I am no match for him. He is greater in strength and I could only experience victory by allowing God to fight my battle. 

It was quite the unique experience for me to see this entity God revealed to me as being the devil, breathing, as he was on top of me holding me down. Satan was not merely someone I read about, he was real! I could see his breath through my own sheets he wrapped me tightly in! Not breath moving outward away, but breath moving inward towards me! I could not see this entity, but I felt his weight and presence on top of me and witnessed his breathing. 

The coils of my sofa bed literally sank low and I could hear them as multiple entities came upon me in which it was made known to me that these were demons. This was the first attack. As I laid on my stomach in which is my usual position of preference when I start falling asleep, I could feel this great weight pull me down, cause the mattress coils to stretch and I could see the mattress going lower even though I could not move. Like paralysis, was the weight of these entities on me. My body started to sink lower and lower in the middle and the strain on my spine started to overcome me with pain and fear. I feared I was going to have my back and spine broken. I thought I was going to die on that night. I knew at this point Satan and his demons were in the room with me and I also knew God was already there. I searched my mind for scripture recalling what took place in the wilderness with Jesus and Satan and how Jesus overcame Satan by speaking the Word of God to Satan, yet, as I searched, I came up empty. My mind could not focus, my memory failed me, my body was in too much pain to have a clear line of thought for any length of time and the satanic and demonic onslaught continued. But behold, a truly remarkable thing took place. The glory of God was made known, in the midst of this unprovoked attack on this helpless man, God my Father spoke! I heard Him say to me, “Don’t stop speaking to Me.” All that I could say, was, “Whatever happens to me, I still choose You.”

Over and over again, He spoke to me and reassured me He was with me. He would remind me to keep speaking to Him and I kept saying the only thing that came to mind as I felt the pressure on my spine intensify and I awaited the moment when I would literally hear my spine break: “Whatever happens to me, I still choose You.”

Eventually the mighty presence of God and His holy angels drew away Satan and his demons. My mattress returned to its original height. My back was flat again. The pain began to subside, I eventually opened my eyes as I was still afraid when my Father told me I could open them, and I got up from the bed when my God strengthened me. Standing up, I looked at my bed with fright. I paced around my apartment shaken up. I grabbed my Bible and clutched it like it was a life raft and sat down to collect myself as I thought about what just took place, staring at my bed, not comprehending that I could ever sleep on it again! I can’t recall if I laid back down on it that night but that first ordeal was over, yet, Satan and his demons would return at that opportune time to see if they could break the trust and intimacy I had with God my Father. 

Beloved, that was just it. Trust and intimacy was the end result. Satan and his demons tried their best. They gave me their worst, but the love and grace of God prevailed! I heard from my God in whom I trust. He never left my side. He never stop speaking to me and reminding me that He was there with me. 

In hindsight I see that I was very dear to my God. He loved me so much. He wasn’t willing to allow the enemy to defeat me and rob or destroy the beautiful thing I had with the Lord. I had a relationship and although I wasn’t and I’m still no Bible scholar, I am greatly indoctrinated into a personal, intimate and powerful relationship with the most powerful and loving force in all of Creation—The Lord God Himself! Halleluyah.

I experienced another attack in that sofa bed and other attacks in that apartment before I left that apartment towards the end of 2010, but one thing remained. God’s love

I share my pain with you from the pages of my experiences because I now have firsthand knowledge that Satan and his demons exist just as I have had firsthand knowledge that God and His angels exist.
If there was anything I could impart into you or that I pray, you leave with, it’s this: God is love and His love is always present, can always be experienced and for anyone who is in Christ, although such frightening, tragic and horrendous things will take place as even the godly are not immune to such things, God will never leave your side, His angels take charge over you in that they protect you and that beyond angelic protection, unshakable trust and deep unwavering intimacy with God will soar, remain with you and carry you throughout the attacks and storms of life. This is the solemn truth, I, Flavio Anthony Lugo speak into you. Amen.

As always…YOU ARE LOVED.

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