Friday, May 29, 2015

My Prayer: To be the antithesis of laziness


Oh Lord my God, glorious and wonderful Father above, whatever good thing I have and have experience it has come from you. Whatever wisdom I have you have given it. Whatever knowledge I have, surely it came from you. Whatever understanding I have, you were the root of it! Whatever strength in my bones and willfulness to accomplish anything noble or praiseworthy you are the Author of it; the One to thank and praise. It is you who all the honor goes to. This is true for me as well as true for all. Amen.

Now O Lord my gracious God who bestows wisdom, knowledge and understanding to all who ask and seek you for it. The Great One who strengthens the weak, the High and Holy One who makes a man’s path righteous. Hear me now, and may I rejoice in you hearing my prayer. Let this man, I pray O Lord my God and Savior, the hope of glory, be a man who is swift in action; righteous in His dealings, true of word and deed, courageous in the face of fear, upholding of all things good and holy, kind to others, patient and lacking no discernment for the things that knowledge is needed and wisdom is called for. May I be faithful to you, confident in my God, merciful to the weak, compassionate to the hurting, loving to your people and your Bride.

Make me a man who knows no laziness but rejoices in his rest. May I be of sound mind, a heart that beats to praise you, a soul that endures to worship you and feet that are swift to deliver the Good News of Christ. May my eyes see the glory of the coming of the Lord, may my ears hear the fine tuning of your majestic voice, may my lips tell no lies, and my spirit be steadfast in serving you.

Oh that a people will seek me out for they know I have the words of life and when they have met me they have met with you. When they have heard me they have heard you. When they have questioned me you have upheld my cause, when they come against me, you will fight for me, when they rebuke me let my God who established the foundations of the earth and the glory of the heavens in knowledge and understanding be the light that clears a path and leads me in truth.

When I lay my head down by your grace alone and in your mercies rise again, let a renewed spirit be within me to serve you diligently once again. May I walk in the joy of the Lord, the praiseworthiness of the Gospel of Christ, with the glory and splendor of the Almighty before and behind me. May the sincerity and integrity of the Holy Spirit be my comfort and help. May I abide in the example of the Son, and you my beautiful Father, let my heart forevermore rejoice in knowing you and infinitely, halleluyah, being love by you! Amen and amen.

— F. Lugo

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