Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Ever Elusive Question: What is love? (Personal and intimate insight from the disciple and apostle John)

Beloved, it is such an extraordinary way to increase our faith and not only that, but see where we stand as people of faith, when we take in the personal and intimate testimonies of others and how they have experienced the very present love of God. With that being said, I now invite you into my HEART...

I remain humbled and look to remain humble at heart in knowing that God’s love is not in the material, in eating good, in having a big house, owning an expensive car, having a huge bank account, lots of vacations and trinkets and never experiencing anything remotely bad, that would say to us; God does love us.

For anyone who truly desires to become a student of the Bible and greater than that, one who knows the Christ personally and very intimately, they must see what love means to God Himself. 

They’re three dramatic views of God’s love that weak faith, ignorance, main stream media and this world at large fail to grasp about God and what love is. We need not look further than (John 3:16; Romans 5:8; 1 John 3:16). They emphatically declare that God doesn’t give us love, but that He is love. Amen. 

I invite you to look up the verses and study them well and long, and let me know where in any of them does it state the temporal things of this world as oppose to the everlasting love of God in which it clearly speaks of in great detail and dramatic fashion.

Beloved, here is the sum of me: I will live a life that will declare that Jesus is Lord. Not in my own strength but in His. I will know the love of God so personally and intimately, when others speak of God’s love for mankind they will think of me. These words aren’t arrogance but CONFIDENCE.

Such is the case with whom the world and the kingdom of heaven will forever know as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ who is none other than the disciple and apostle John.

He knew his worth in the Lord’s eyes and he owned it and declared it with confidence. Read along and see the confidence unfold (John 13:23-25; John 20:2, John 21:7, 20; John 21:24; John 19:26; 1 John 3:16).

This disciple and apostle didn’t live a fairy tale life. He didn’t have any of the luxuries modern day America, this world or Western Christians of today may very well have. He experienced a great amount of affliction, oppression and opposition for His faith. He experienced many of his brothers in the faith lose their lives as martyrs for the cause of Christ. He was well acquainted with suffering and spent his twilight years in prison. None of that, if love was defined by material wealth and such things of that nature, would say that God did in fact love Him, but the man who was known as loved by the Lord, declared in his old age upon heading into a prison cell, that we know God’s love for us by this, that He laid down His life for us. 

This humbles me like no other thing. That the Lord Jesus gave what was most precious to Him, His life as if it were nothing in order that I (we, you, all) would have life and there would be no doubt in me to know that I am truly loved by God. 

To that, I say, the Lord God who is love Himself, be glory and honor and praise forever and ever. Amen!

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