Friday, September 2, 2011

In reflection—Motivation to be fully committed

I have often thought of how strenuous and exhaustive I get, from the multitude of God's Word that pours into me, that I pour out to my audience I have been given.

I have asked why such an effort Lord when many probably don't even care to know you? Then I receive such a boost from the Lord today, as this, 'Beloved, never forget how grand your audience is...(Hebrews 12:1-2), and then I'm also blessed with a great reassurance, as to when one is reached and repents—such joy is too grand for my heart to handle..(Luke 15:10).

What started this great day of blessing were these words, "now i feel your wieght in your ministry. Now i know how to pray in detail for this." Glory to God who lifts up His called. Amen.

As I ponder the moment I stand before my Lord and King, with an inumerous multitude of Angels as an audience, that many men long to see and yet a hand full of them have probably seen, I am even more excited to imagine my Lord's face with joy, and with the hope of seeing a sea of faces, of whom I spoke to, spoke with, taught and shared the Good News of Jesus the Christ smiling back at me, I am filled with a life that is filled with a purpose greater than anyone man can ever truly understand until he gets to his final destination in and through Christ Jesus. Amen.

"Not I, but Christ."

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