Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heavy on my heart

Closing thoughts: We are creatures of habit and tend to see and hear what we want. Many call it "selective hearing," but it's disobedience. No amount of head knowledge and repetitive action in a church will cause you to draw near to the Lord and truly experience Him drawing near and dwelling within you. You must surrender, and cling onto your Bridegroom—The Lord your God.

As the Word says, you are to Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, and this can only be done through a surrendering that allows you to truly Trust the Lord as you cling onto Him and not onto a person to save you, a feeling to save you, a job to save you, a man or a woman to save you, etc...

So many professing Christians are living a life of turmoil and pain. A life lived in weakness, sorrow, regret, and certainly a life submerged in sin. Why is this? You do not know your identity in Christ. The very Word says "Let us create man in [our] image," and you may wonder what does that mean. It simply and wonderfully means, we are to have a heart to love, discipline, and raise up others in the Lord's way just as a Father. We are to embrace, obey, and follow in the ways of our God and Father as a Son does. And we are to comfort, help, counsel, exhibit God's Truth and be holy in all our ways, just as the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, everyday I look to the Lord for Divine inspiration, Divine intervention, and Divine appointments, that will use me in a way, that His children will receive exactly what they need in order to live a life in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit which is far above the plains of this earth and world. This I have come to know by revelation from the Spirit, and be persuaded of. There is nothing I can say, or do, to convince others that God is more real than what the naked eye and ear can see and hear, but only the Spirit who is Truth can accomplish such a miracle, which allows us to know Jesus, to experience Jesus, to die for Jesus, to live in Jesus, and be Jesus to all, in all, and through all. Amen.

"It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life." (John 6:63 NKJV)

Beloved, you cannot say you are a Christian, and not live in the Spirit. Besides yourself, you are fooling no one. Repetition in the church, every weekend, even opening up your bible here and there, and praying a quick prayer that has no pulse to it, will never get you anywhere. Don't get to heaven and missed out on the Victorious life Jesus has for you now! and the destiny He wants to accomplish through your life.

Often times, I am a little dismayed on having to cite all the verses in scripture in what I write to you, as I desire for the Spirit to speak to you in an intimate manner by what the Spirit has compelled me to share with you. Do not get me wrong, I beseech you beloved, to dive into the Word as much as possible, but let it not be a lifeless robotic manner, but truly as you open it, let it be that you have already knocked on the door of God's very own heart and it has been open to you, that you may receive life.

Beloved, If any of you dear children have followed my progression through this platform of communication, you'll see a transition from man into Spirit. What do I mean by this? What was once a man sharing his ideas, and way before the Lord presented Himself to me in all His glory, my ideals— the Spirit, the very Holy Spirit Jesus said would come when He left, and unless He leave the Holy Spirit "the Helper," would not come, is the same Holy Spirit that has overcome me, and dwells within me. He is alive in me, and speaks constantly to me, revealing many wonderful things of the Lord Jesus, and the ways of the Father. Glory! and Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

This, is what I long for you to have my dear ones. But this is trustworthy and true. Unless you surrender and cling on (cleave onto) the Lord, you will continue to live this defeatus, "why me," lifestyle which certainly is not what the Lord Jesus died for. For by His very testimony, He came and died, and rose again to ascend to the highest of high, that He would fill everything with Himself, and give us a life and a life MORE ABUNDANTLY. Amen! Lord Jesus!

Beloved, oh most beautiful to the Lord, I plead on behalf of all of you before the Father, those that are Christian and those who are so far from the Truth, that you look to the Lord and surrender every thought, every way, every worry, every manner of knowledge you think you have, and with a closeup look to your life, that no one sees, and that you hide and pretend everything is all good by your speech, examine it and ask the Lord to help you, and come into your life and cling onto Him in Trust and never let go, and see what is now a weakness, will soon be Victory in all your Spiritual Walk.

One last thing. I'm reminded of a man by the name of Enoch. He lived 365 years on this earth before there were any books, and certainly before there was a Bible to study, and yet the Bible states this man was a righteous man who walked with the Lord and one day he was no more as God took him. I'm sharing this with you, as to be Righteous is to walk in the Spirit—meaning the Holy Spirit is in you. Enoch's walk was so pure, God simply took him from the face of the earth. The very ascending the Bible speaks of with the Body of Christ; the church, is possible because of Jesus' Righteousness and only because of His Righteousness.

Therefore, meditate on this Righteous life of Enoch and moreover, the very blessed life of our Blessed Lord and absolute Savior Jesus, and see that Righteousness is not attained by repetitive actions that are lifeless in the church, or repetitive and vain attempts to show piety in reading the Bible here and there, or praying a 10 second prayer once in a while when you are in want of something, or even professing a water down "I'm a Christian," yet you live a miserable life of defeat, but rather walking in the Spirit, and knowing the same Jesus we read about in the Holy Gospels, is the same Jesus in whom we were created by and created for, and created in His image, thereby allowing us to fully know as the man Jesus was, we too, are to be, and as the God that is Christ, we too, are to be, and just as the Father has called us to walk in such a manner as the Lord Jesus—that is, in Spirit and in Truth, we too, can and must walk in such a manner that is befitting of our blessed calling in Christ Jesus. Amen, and amen Lord Jesus!

Beloved, you are gifted with a unique blessing that God has a plan and a destiny to see it acted upon and come to fulfillment in and through you, but you'll never experience it, and never live it out fully, and rejoice! when you get to heaven knowing you showed a result for the abilities God gave you, when you stand before the Master of the House, if you keep your shallow faith stewing in you. Now is the time, to know your Lord and Savior with a confidence, that He is who He says He is, and will do as He said He will do, and you can live the life of Victory that He said you can live in Him.

How I pray to the Father, that you will receive this word of anointing, and not merely go on with your life like nothing is wrong, but be convicted by these very words, the Holy Spirit lead me to speak out and send your way with authority and finality, to which can and will! bring healing and restoration as you heed them and look to the Lord completely and with an abandonment— to which all that is dark, weak, in suffering, in strife, in sorrow, in turmoil, in sadness, in anger, in hate, in unforgiveness, in sexual sin, in loneliness, in idolatry, in adultery, in doubt, in despair, in deafeat, and is dying instead of being alive will cease to be, but Christ! Will enter into your heart and remain their dwelling and inhabiting your entire being that you will walk boldly, and speak fearlessly, and praise and worship the Lord your God, in a deeply profound way knowing once and for all that Jesus is Lord! and completely in all persuasion of confidence in His understanding and ability, completely surrender, cling and Trust your Lord and your Savior, and your God and know Him affectionately as your Father in all, and through all, Amen.

Beloved, I send this blessing to you in the Grace and Love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your brother and His faithful servant,

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