Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TRUE FASTING (a teaching): Do not become limited

[I continue to hear, that people are fasting on a specific day, for a specific thing, during a specific time, to receive a blessing from God.]

I tell you the Truth! Fasting as far as food, or anything else for that matter was done (started) in the Law of Moses. Why? Because God's children were not freed in Spirit (they were limiting themselves) and were to cowardly to receive God in full, as they lived by sight.

If you are to Fast, let it be in Spirit (unlimited by God's Truth), through Christ, and not be limited by a day, a time, or for a specific circumstance, but be unlimited through God for all things, all the time. God doesn't bless you because you refrain from a specific food, material thing, or anything else for that matter. His blessings are there freely for us.

Thought Provoking: *It is not the food we put into our mouths, or the events we remove ourselves from that hinders us, it is the enemy, and all that is in this world that we consume and engage in that hinders us.* Food for thought*

As we are created in His image, and as our Father in Heaven is perfect, so are we to be perfect. Pray, and put it into practice, until it is no longer practice but made perfect (God's way) and Enlarge your Vision! to be set apart from the enemy and the world at large; Holy in all your ways as God our Father is, as Christ is, and we too are, and were created to be. Amen!

Fast 24/7/366 for your entire lifetime from anything and everything that is not of God, and see a great blessing pour into your life from our Heavenly Father above that will have you breathless. Amen! That is the TRUE definition, and greater revelation of Fasting.

ENLARGE YOUR VISION as it is well with my Father, our great God. Amen!

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