Thursday, July 15, 2010

To kiss or to be kissed. That's not the question, but always the answer

Wanna know something?... i think kissing is the greatest invention
(As a friend, expresses there fondness for kissing, this teaching came
to me). I love how I receive it, in the exact moment. All glory to
Him. Amen!

Children, If you think about it, what is a kiss? An intimate
connection amongst two individuals who share the same
What's love? God is love.

So by definition, Kissing, is indeed a connection of Him (God) to us.
Oh man! The Lord rocks!

Kissing is the Bomb! (from what I have gathered from many others, and
my own personal experiences). I'm sure for the most part, we will all
agree on that. Right?

Just as the Lord is the bomb! I, myself cherish the act of kissing,
as there is so much weight behind something so simple. It is God's
explosion of life into the earth. The very first kiss. The very first
act of love. That's incredible!

With all this excitement, and gratitude shown, and said from many for
such a great expression of one's affection to another, there are sad
moments that are indeed inescapable (in the world), and many have
experience the opposite reaction, that comes with a life lived without
God; an empty kiss. Hollow (without love), a thoughtless action, to
get passed the moment (instead of being "in the moment.")

It's very saddening to know of something that is an incredible
blessing from God, and yet many abuse it, or don't even use it. When
the worse seems to stack up against you, the 'kiss,' is not just
unused, but lost. This is indeed a sad moment for our Creator, our
God, who loves us, as a Father can only love His children.

So, if you are in a situation, where your blessing of a kiss is
abused, unused, misused, hollow (without love), or to the point it is
lost, look to God, and with all that you have, ask for Him to restore
what was once great to express, and receive, back into your life, or
the lives of your family (your loved ones), as the "Kiss," will never
die, will never go out of style, but only grow stronger, as it comes
from an endless source of all that is of the Supreme blessing of LOVE,
and this is God.

Be blessed my friends, and Enlarge your Vision!

*When I received this teaching, I was washing dishes, and saying to
God, man! I haven't received a teaching today from you Lord, yet I
will rejoice! as I still hear Your voice, and feel your presence.

If I don't send something big, but small, I will still have
encouraging words, to pass on to your children. At that very moment, I
receive a message from a friend, expressing their fondness for kissing
as stated above, and the teaching from God poured into me. Indeed, I
can say with all that I am, ALL Praise be to God. Amen!

I love Him so much! My heart, is beating fast. Man! I love God

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