Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Sword

As I was sharing with my very close friend yesterday, how sometimes what i'm reading in the Old Testament, I find tedious and I lose focus. I told my friend, I know there's a message, a teaching for me to know, but i'm not focused. I confessed this from my mouth, and said to this friend. Lord, what's the teaching? As always my Father hears me, and answers me in real time. It was pertaining to the many wars, and seiges waged on many kings and their kingdoms.

This is what my Father says:

'Your bible, you wave it like a sword. As it should be! But as a sword is meant to be used, if you aren't using your sword (being of the Word), then you are to sheath your sword.

When you are able to use your sword correctly (allowing yourself to be one with the Word), you can unsheath it.'

My words to you:

"I tell you the Truth! I am, at Peace with myself, and my God; yet my sword remains unsheath. The enemy will never know what it is, to not feel the tip of my sword.

I will be relentless in my seige; my campaign against the enemy. Amen!"

"I look to you and you alone. Ah, my sovereign Lord. You keep me smiling indeed. My heart speeds up at the thought of you, and I am filled with endless joy from all that you are. It is you alone, that has me saying this aloud; Fathe!, you are the captain of my fate, and the master of my soul. To you I bow. All my love to you Father; your Son." F. Lugo

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