Sunday, March 7, 2010

Next Teaching to come

Children, I wanted to update you on the next teaching to come. It's called "That's A Lot." It will be speaking on the many things, God has shown us, and given us. Till then...

I wrote this in my journal A week ago, and I thought you'll get a kick out of it.


I had the priviledge of witnessing a conversation between an 8yr old child to a 3yr old child, and an adult.

The 3yr old was pointing out to his aunt that he had a cut "boo boo," on his head, and the 8yr old says to the 3yr old, "My cut on my lip hurts Greater than your bump."

The adult in this conversation is the mother of the 8yr old, and she corrects her child by saying "Hurts Greater," doesn't make sense. It's "Hurts worse."

I'm amazed of the innocence of children, and the robbery of innocence in adults. Children are positive (saying Greater), and adults are consumed in negativity (saying worse).

It's amazing how God shows me those things. I go with "Hurts Greater."

All praise be to God (our Father).

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