Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's come together: My Invitation To You

"Do not trouble yourselves with things of this world, but rejoice and take comfort that there is a God in Heaven looking down on us." MMOG

My friends, in this initial posting on my blog, that is, the foundation (the first to be known) of my ministry- "Ministry in Technology," I would like to extend my friendship to you, and send blessings onto all who shall read, engage, and contribute to this ministry. As we serve a powerful and personal God, I look forward to reaching out to all of God's children. Amen.

I invite all that have knowledge in this field of technology who have a passion and desire to effect change in the world for the good of mankind through the love of Jesus, then we can partner up with each other to launch "Ministry in Technology," website, podcast, smart device application and more to reach 50 million people for Christ. Amen!

I thank you in advance, and may the Lord; the Creator of all things be raised up high in all that we think, say and do. Amen.

All my love...The Mighty Man of God,

"Looking to God to leave a kingdom legacy."- F. Lugo

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